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Married Life / 3 hours ago Back To Top

Does your autistic spouse/partner make a habit of smashing your heart into a thousand pieces?

How do you figure out what is acceptable and what isn't?

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Married Life / 2 days ago Back To Top

Is he a marriage material?

I like this guy but He is very weird. He is sad, upset, serious and reserved on one side. Reads books. Is intellectual.
His friends say he should smile more and how he does not smile much. His mother died when he was in college so he is pretty sensitive on that issue

People say that he is often lost in his own world even when surrounded by people. He looks preoccupied and tensed most of the time.

But on the other side he is attention seeking and loves to bring attention to himself.
Is also very ambitious. Wants to be one of the best in his field. And has gathered lots of portfolios and keeps a record of all his past & present work.
He loves himself and how he looks.

He has another side to himself which is extremely weird.
He is usually reserved towards women, maintains professional relationship (theatre actor) with his female colleagues but whenever he encounters women who are drooling over him or giving him attention, he starts flirting and enjoys all the attention immensely.

He takes pics with them rather closely, gives hugs to them and acts very charming towards them.

The weird part is that whenever girls try to get close to him, he lies to them saying he is married (HES NOT) .
But he loves flirting with them and loves the attention.

I dont get this guy. I like him a lot but i cannot understand him. What type of man is he?

- Asked by Female, 22-25
Married Life / 3 days ago Back To Top

Would my husband still want to go away with me for a weekend if he wanted a divorce and was unhappy?

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years. He told me last month that he was miserable and was thinking about leaving. We basically let life (kids, bills, work) get in the way of us..and our marriage took a back seat to everything and started drifting apart. He is the love of my life, we have been working on things. The past week he is actually excited about going away with just me. We have been intimate more often, and laughing and talking like we used to. (everything in that last sentence almost became non-existant) He isnt glued to his phone anymore when he comes home from work, we actually talk while watch TV. And we go to bed at the same time now. There is still some things that I miss, but its only been a month. But it seems like things are getting better. I just want to see what someone else I being naive, or are things really seeming to turn around?

- Asked by A Married Girl, Female, 29-35