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House & Home / 1 day ago Back To Top

What do you remember about your grandparents' Christmas trees?

Old fashioned, hand painted glass ornaments? Strings of popcorn and dried cranberries? What else?

- Asked by betterbird, A Creative, Male, 46-55, San Francisco, Administrative
House & Home / 1 day ago Back To Top

I just started watching that series with Thomas Jane - 'Hung' and kind of found my new series.

Has anyone else enjoyed this series? Also, is there anyone who watched all of the 'Pacific' episodes regarding world war 2? Thanks

- Asked by Male, 46-55
House & Home / 2 days ago Back To Top

Have a leak on my ceiling and landlord very sick to fix it! What to do?

I hired a guy to paint my apartment this past friday. On Thursday while doing the prep and scrapping off chipped paint I noticed the wall was wet. The paint going down that corner is lose. there is no paint on the top corner so if it rains it will leak onto my carpet.

I contacted my landlord and his wife stated he was very sick. It has been over a week he is sick. She took him to urgent care yesterday. I had to put painting my bedroom to this coming weekend.

landlord's wife texted me that a guy was coming yesterday. I waited all day. At 6pm I texted her to ask if the guy was still coming because he had not shown up. She texted back that her hands were full and that she did not know why the guy did not show up. I did not reply and she has not gotten back to me.

I am very upset. I want to finish up this tiring task. I am sympathetic towards her husband being very sick but I am a tenant with a leak and I am paying to get the apartment redone.

They are very good to me. They have not raised my rent in 11 yrs. I am kind of afraid to text her to ask her when the guy is coming cause I hate to bother her as she is dealing with a sick husband but the leak needs to be fixed and the area plastered so I can finish painting.

What do you suggest?

- Asked by cinderella2006, An Alternative Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?