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Friendship / 2 hours ago Back To Top

Hey Friends we have double birthday today as it is Mburgos & Ataloss' birthdays so let's party!

Aloha Friends, on the last day of July, we have a double birthday celebration so let's give a shout out to Mburgos and Ataloss as their birthday is July 31st! I have two birthday cakes and candles so what can we do to get this party started? Let's all wish them a Happy Birthday when we see them or pm them with special birthday wishes! They have been MIA!

- Asked by hulagirl55, A Sportif, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?
Friendship / 6 hours ago Back To Top

How does an antisocial person behave?

How does an antisocial person behave around others?
What makes people think someone is antisocial?

- Asked by jordynunderwood, A Creative, Female, Who Cares?
Friendship / 7 hours ago Back To Top

Does this boy like me really confused

Both late teens,

Works at my local coffee shop

Did think he had a crush on me as he did the whole staring/gazing thing for over 10secs, found out we had a few things in common so would talk about that every time he served me, Also gives me free coffee passes/extra wifi.

His other workmates are friendly but not like this.

Also I notice a week ago when I went he was serving and as I was walking up to the counter to order he started sining this Hey, hey, baby
I wanna know if you'll be my girl by DJ Otzi, then when I got to the counter he stop and started talking to me normal.
Then I asked for a cup of water and because I'm british and have a british accent (he's Australian) I say water different so as he turn round to get the cup of water he kept trying to say water in a british accent. I just said thank then went and waited for my coffee, then started sining it again.

I went a few days later and he said as soon as he serve me would you like a cup of water but in a british accent.

Then I went Monday and as I was walking up to the counter he started signing the courses to somebody to love.

Why would he do this?

He's been doing the staring for quite a few months.

I did like him/sort of still do, but as he didn't seem to pursue it futher thought he just like me as a friend.

Also he dose sort of seem quite confident around other guys/girls and his workmates.

Can guys really be nervous around someone they like.

Also I know that he's single and is not a player type guy

- Asked by Female, 18-21
Friendship / 22 hours ago Back To Top

Talking to people in large settings. Well in general

Okay so im not super shy, but shy enough. Ive always had this problem when it comes to socializing with people. I tend to be very quiet and i dont really talk unless im asked a question. Its bad. I have horrible social skills. Does anyone have any advice of how i can break out of that social akwardness. It makes it hard to meet new people. Ive never really been a real social person.

- Asked by lilybugg23, A Thinker, Female, 18-21, Philadelphia, Who Cares?
Friendship / 23 hours ago Back To Top

Haave you ever been in a situation where someone is telling you all the right things

but your stomach and instinct is telling you something is wrong.

What happened? Was your gut feeling right?

- Asked by carrie1anne1, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?
Friendship / 1 day ago Back To Top

Hey Friends it's birthday time as 7/30 is Riverboat's birthday so let's get this party started!

Aloha Friends, we have another birthday in July as today, Wednesday, July 30th is Riverboat's birthday! I've got the birthday cake and candles, now do you have the party hats, balloons and noisemakers to get this party started? Let's all wish her a Happy Birthday when you see her or pm her with special birthday wishes!

- Asked by hulagirl55, A Sportif, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?
Friendship / 2 days ago Back To Top

What's your favorite movie soundtrack?

I'm listening to one of the Ligetti compositions from "2001: A Space Odyssey."

- Asked by myrtletyrtle, A Cool Mom, Female, 46-55, Who Cares?
Friendship / 2 days ago Back To Top

have you every lost your honour, self esteem COMPLETELY??

I have been all aNo friends, no girlfriends. When I go out, I see people, enjoying life , talking with each other, walking in groups (with friends) right? When I see myself, all the time I have found myself alone. No one to speak with. That was my childhood and past. Then I tried making a girlfriend. Obviously I lost first. I tired again, lost again, tried, and still tried. Nothing worked and in response got insults and rejections. It is true that I have lost my honour completely. Its really hard for me to respect myself because all my efforts of "trying" went to hell always. Seems like no one really cares about me. Now I think what is my purpose in life? Is there any? Everything I do go wasted. I think I am the worst loser in the world who tried the most and didn't achieve anything. I see images of killing my self as no one has every loved me. Why I don't know! May be I don't really deserve to be loved. Why do people like themselves? lone for all my life. No friends

- Asked by Male, 29-35
Friendship / 2 days ago Back To Top

Do you believe that...

things happen because they have to and that if someone is meant to be in your life he/she will be there no matter what??

- Asked by budgiegal, A Career Woman, Female, 29-35, Fashion
Friendship / 2 days ago Back To Top

Do you ever feel along like when things aren't going right in your life.

I sure do I believe in god I pray everyday and I never give up on what's not going right. So far since my brother passed away in April and my friends daughter in May god I stood by my friends through it all and she was thankful and her sister to. I'm still dealing with a issues and Its not been easy. I'm trying to be strong and I'm believing in god to help me through I know god has been there for me through a lot in my life. I'm reaching out for some kind thoughts from you all that can help me just to hang in there and move forward to.

- Asked by ozzycat19, A Thinker, Female, 46-55

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