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Diet & Health / 6 hours ago Back To Top

Are you a "morning person"?

I am up and at em before my clock goes wife hates me in the morning! What say you? Snooze or enjoy waking and being alive another day?

- Asked by shanegalang, A Rebel, Male, 46-55, New Orleans, Transportation
Diet & Health / 11 hours ago Back To Top

would you have joint replacemnt surgery if your doctor suggested it?

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Diet & Health / 14 hours ago Back To Top

Which is more dangerous Marijuana or alcohol?

Which do you consider more dangerous or more of a problem, marijuana or alcohol and why? Should marijuana be legalized?

- Asked by lasuz, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Medical / Dental
Diet & Health / 1 day ago Back To Top

Red mark on calf, still tight, woke up with bad cramp.

I woke up and had the worst cramp on my right calf. It still feels tight over 12hrs later and on the area I have the tightness I have a red mark surrounding it on my calf. I asked around and people believed I was bit by something. Just getting more opinions.

- Asked by good0lmatt, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 29-35, Buffalo, Who Cares?
Diet & Health / 1 day ago Back To Top

I removed some type of bush off the fence now both my arm have nice red rash and the burning feeling

Its hurts so much I washed both arms once I came inside but still hurts what should I do its really looks bad.

Update: July 31, 2014.
Its doesn't itch but My guy friend went to rite aid to get me tecnu extreme medicated scrub for poison ivy and oak.So hopefully I will start to feel better thank you all for your help I wish I could give you all stars because its worth it to you all again thank you. :)

- Asked by ozzycat19, A Thinker, Female, 46-55
Diet & Health / 2 days ago Back To Top

Is epilepsy considered a disabling medical condition?

My friend has seizures 2 or 3 times a year. At one point in her life, she was seizure free for 9 years. She has already had 3 seizures this year. She told me she has a hard time keeping a job because of her medical condition. She is bright, witty and a very likable person. Are there jobs that epileptic people can have that won't trigger seizures? She is 24 and lives with her parents. She wants to work but says her parents want her to get disability benefits. How can I help her?

- Asked by Female, Who Cares?
Diet & Health / 2 days ago Back To Top

Workout for a fashion model. Do's and don'ts?

I'm working as a model. I'm quite skinny, but I want to tone up.
I used to go to a proffesional trainer, but that didn't quite workout, because stretching wasn't enough(Pilates, yoga etc.)
I want to try to workout on my own. I do those Victorias Secret series workouts on YouTube during the day and I run in the evening.
What I'm worried about is the muscle build up in my legs. I think that muscular legs are very unattractive on females. I want to have those catwalk toned long legs.
What exercises should I try and can running build unwanted muscle in my legs?

- Asked by lauracable15, A Thinker, Female, 18-21
Diet & Health / 2 days ago Back To Top

Im having a hard time sleeping at night.

I used to be able to sleep at night. To fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. But now its near dang impossible. Ive tried drinking a calming tea, ive tried melotonin, warm milk, ive shut myself in a dark room, ive tried calming music. Nothing has worked. Im so run down and tired because of it. Is there anything else that i could try? What should i do? Also it makes it harder because im allergic to lemons, limes anything high in citris.

- Asked by Female, 18-21
Diet & Health / 2 days ago Back To Top

vapor instead of smoking???

does anyone know anything about this Vapor-ing instead of smoking - to help you quit smoking?

is it safer for you? how long does it take to step down to the next level? when do you know you should step done?

has anyone ever really quit smoking with it?

my husband is thinking about trying it

- Asked by msqueenie, A Trendsetter, Female, 36-45
Diet & Health / 2 days ago Back To Top

Has anyone had surgery to remove Kidney Stones?

Anne will be going in for a PNl. This is where a small incision is made in the back. A tube is placed inside which goes into the Kidney and the stone is broken up and taken out through the tube. The Surgeon who is performing the operation has done more than any doctor in Las Vegas. Reading up on it, it seems to be generally safe and only requires one day stay in the hospital.

If you have had Kidney stones, please reply and give the details of your experience. I would really appreciate hearing from you!

As expected Anne and I are both nervous about this.

Thanks for your reply,

Update: July 30, 2014.
Thanks to all for sharing your experiences, and your kind words. At a time like this, it is so well appreciated. Sincerely, Don & Anne

- Asked by don07, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 56-65, Las Vegas, Self-Employed

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