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Diet & Health / 2 days ago Back To Top

I am too tired to do anything, is this normal??

It's the end of the week Friday. I did not drive today to my project position which is 1 hour 20-40 minutes each way depending on traffic. Lately I go in the morning by 9 and come back in the evening though it varies. You would think that I would get a lot done today since I am at home. Instead what did I do? I woke up at 9,15 this morning. It's 6 and I am still on the computer. I did a freelance assignment, and responded to an email or two. I also made some calls. I am trying to see if I can rent an apartment in the next month or two. I also did other follow up calls for admin stuff. I feel like I got nothing done. Maybe I am being too hard on myself, but now it's like Friday on a holiday weekend and I feel like no one is around. I figure I should go out but still am waiting to hear back from my calls earlier and I still feel like I have plenty to do over the weekend.
Normally if I am freelancing from home that means I am getting a lot done on the computer as well as off the computer, getting up early etc. Ever since I started this project I have no energy left when I get home or I feel lazy on Fridays at the end of the week and I am so tired that I can't do as much over the weekends and then of course I get kind of "lazy".
Like right now I am too lazy to do anything, go out, cook or anything at all. I don't want to watch tv, just sit in front of my computer. I don't care about going out for a walk even though the weather is nice. What is this??

Update: May 22, 2015.
I think my so-called job is stressing me out and then I am also dealing with other factors all in less than two weeks from now I will be changing my living situation once again and I have no control over it really and there is too much instability.

- Asked by Female, 36-45
Diet & Health / 3 days ago Back To Top

If a medication is expired and the bottle says to discard it, is it really bad??

Will it harm you if you take it?

- Asked by shanegalang, A Rebel, Male, 46-55, Transportation
Diet & Health / 3 days ago Back To Top

Getting better sleep....

I have a lot of work and school commitments that are driving my sleep schedule nuts (basically, I have to either work or study around the clock)....does anyone have any tips on how I can feel less tired or get better quality sleep?

- Asked by A Hip Hop Guy, Male, 26-28, Technical