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Dating / 15 minutes ago Back To Top

guy ask for your number but doesnt text you?

we both have girlfriend and boyfriend let me get that out the way. but we have chemistry. after a month he asks for number. because he was at work he didn't have his phone so he asks me to take his down. i text him shortly after so he could have mine. he seemed happy and actually was a littl flirty. but after that, its been 2 weeks he doesn't text me at all. when i'm in person its all good he stares and smiles at me constantly. is he shy as why he doesn't text me first? or is it he doesn't know if my bf is around? i wanna text him and get to know him more but i don't wanna be the initiator all the time. thanks!

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Dating / 29 minutes ago Back To Top

What do you do with your friends who are in denial about their marriage?

How are you happy for them while at the same time you feel bad for them? What do you do so that you can deal with their thinking that their marriage is going great. While the reality is that they have dealt with affairs and many other problems. I know many people have these type of couples as friends or even family members. Or who knows maybe even your own parents.

- Asked by An Alternative Girl, Female, 26-28
Dating / 2 hours ago Back To Top

how do i know that im not delusional

hi guys/girl

i really need help on this issue with this girl i really care about

i have been knowing this girl for a while now. when i was 18, she was 14. there was always this joke that she was gonna be my wife. now i got 25 and she and she is about 21 im taking my bachelor and she is on the first year at university .

no matter all the jokes being said through out the years. i never really thought about me being with her. right now i start to find her attractive. i talk to with her and she really remembers everything and shows concern. like my dad was gonna have an operation. i told her and she kept asking if everythin is ok. i mentioned once that i wanted 4 children. a year later we were discussing,i told her that she know we gonna have kids right? she said "yes, i remember u want 4". i smiled. she reminds me of everything i told her i liked even when i forget i had said that. once she told me she is doing everything to impress me and she hopes im impressed. i said i really im impressed.

i just start to like her so much. she always tell me the positive things that happen in her life, when she is in the gym, she send me snaps. send me snaps of only her good grades. She has had some few relationships. but never slept with a guy. yesterday she sent me a snap and asked how im doing, i didn't see it until i was around her. i replied "better with u around" then i went to her that she should open the snap. i saw that on my name in her snap, she had a heart on it.others where smileys.

later we start discussing on messages, she told me i have to study hard to buy her this this bag and that bag and she loves this kind of car so i have to study hard. and how i have to work on getting her first.

then i told her she have to make it easier. she said there are no short cuts to her heart. then later she said,.... its hard cuz she sees me as a friend. you know that sentence no guys wanna hear. how do i go from here. i honestly want to do everything that makes her happy. i like her a lot and really wanna do the best to make her happy. my ego and emotional irrationality is taking its turns on me. i really need help to understand what i can do..i dont want to write here that i love her :)

thanks you so much for your input.

- Asked by andyice, A Career Man, Male, 22-25, New York
Dating / 9 hours ago Back To Top

Does this guy actually like me or is he just saying this?

I Have known a friend for almost three years now. We have always gotten along and connected very well, and had great chemistry. Over the years, I have grown to really like him as my friend and think that I may be falling for him. I don't mean to, it just happened. I did not choose to fall for him. No, we are not dating, seeing each other, kissing, and no sex. None of that.

He's married and has a kid.

He really likes spending time with me and says how much he admires my personality above everthing else. He loves me as his friend and even mentioned before that "I can't have you" because he's married. Which tells me that he basically won't leave his wife ever, since he said "I can't have you. I can't have you permanently. Permanently as in marry you. " And this is coming from a guy who is very confident, too.

Does he actually like me like that or is he just saying this?

Sorry, I'm just expressing myself as I dont have anyone else to talk to about this. I am not planning on acting on these feelings, but I just want to know if I mean anything to him. Please don't say mean or nasty things, I just want advice.

- Asked by Female, 18-21
Dating / 12 hours ago Back To Top

Confused about where this is going...

I already know the best solution is to talk to him about it, but I just don't know how to approach it or if I even should yet.

There's this guy I've been working with for about a year now, and we became pretty good work friends after a few months. Recently, his girlfriend of about 5, maybe 6 months broke up with him. Almost immediately after, he started talking to me more and asked for my number and started texting me. At first I thought he was trying to make me a rebound, but it's become pretty clear that that is in no way his intention with me. We've been texting for 2 months and doing stuff together (i.e. going out to eat, watching movies together, etc.) for 1 month now, and he hasn't once tried to make a move on me or suggest anything. I like him a lot at this point and want to tell him how I feel, and really want to know how he feels about me.

I'm just afraid that it's a little too soon though, since it's only been a little over 2 months since he got broken up with. He told me he's been hurt badly by past relationships and it can take him a pretty long time to come around to the point of taking on another relationship. And if that's the case, I don't want to be pushy and scare him away. At the same time, (maybe I'm just crazy) it feels like for the past 2 or 3 days, he hasn't been too interested in texting me as much. I feel like if I let this go on any longer without talking to him about any of this, I'm going to get the classic, "Oh, don't get me wrong, you're super pretty and you're really cool!! But I just consider you more of a friend, I'm sorry..." that I've heard one time too many. What would you do?

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 22-25, Student
Dating / 13 hours ago Back To Top

it hurts and i don't know what to do

i am in a sticky situation,there is this guy i was friends with then we got closer and i mean really close to the point we started acting like a couple until we started loving each other though we both had our relationships.Whenever we tried to part we always end up coming back together but breaking up and talking again would drain me,whenever we wouldn't talk it would feel like he took my heart and happiness with him but once we were on speaking terms everything would be ok. i have been in a number of relationships and its the second time in my life i am feeling the way i do.Anyways out of nowhere he texted me one day saying its best we call it quits because he has a girlfriend and its very unfair that he has to be giving me half of him and his girlfriend the other half and that i deserve better.I gave up after seeing that text because i couldn't handle anymore, it was like a cycle but i cry every hour.Now my friend is saying if i am sure i want him and that i love him i should fight for him.i made it clear to him i would never tell him to leave his girlfriend for me and that if we are meant to be we will but i would rather have him as a friend than lose him forever.Whenever he complains to me about his girlfriend i would always tell him to talk to her or try a little harder . What do i do?

- Asked by Female, 18-21
Dating / 16 hours ago Back To Top

I just started dating someone new last month and I'm moving to a new place next month.

Things are going well with this new person and even though its only been a month there's no reason to think we'll be breaking up anytime soon. The only issue is that she lives an hour away and my current job is 30 min away. I now have the opportunity to move closer to her, closer to work or stay in the same area. What should I do?

- Asked by Female, 36-45
Dating / 17 hours ago Back To Top

Is he interested? Should I pursue again, keep waiting, or move on?

First date - Mon PM
Text - Mon PM (after date, both of us)
Text - Tues AM (by him, I reply-end)
Text - Wed PM (by me, he replies, I reply-end)
Now - Sun AM

This dude and I had a great first date. Coffee turned into five hours complete with bowling, stargazing at the beach, steamy make out session. Romantic, constantly laughing, lots of stuff in common, easy conversation flow and never awkward. He alluded several times to wanting to see me again (I'll take you to one of the games! Where's the best place to take a lady to a fancy dinner here? I'll make this dish for you), and said he loved meeting me when we were parting ways.

After the date, we both texted to confirm we got home safe. Next morning he texts me and asks how I slept - I replied an hour later, and didn't receive a reply.

The next night (~36 hours) I texted him again, sending a music video I had promised to pass along "Also, as promised: link".
He responded within a minute "I am so sorry! I didn't see your reply yesterday. I will totally watch after this basketball game" then again, volunteering information about an interview he had and how he got a haircut & misses his beard/old hair. I replied congratulating him, and asked about the cut. Never got a response.

I'm confused. Why quickly apologize to me and then volunteer a new talking point, only to not reply?

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 18-21, San Jose
Dating / 1 day ago Back To Top

I want to surprise my girlfriend with a skating date, but how do I get her to dress warm?

She loves surprises and has been wanting to go for a long time (she has never been!). The problem is she *hates hates* cold, like allergic to it. How can I get her to dress warm today without spoiling the surprise? It's about 70 degrees out today.

- Asked by robertqb3, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 18-21, New York
Dating / 1 day ago Back To Top

do men hate pretty women?

i seem to have a lot of problems with this-- just hatred from men. Most people think that b/c im pretty i can get any guy i want but the truth is, i can't get ANY guy period. It's a strange paradox..people are jealous of me b/c im beautiful but im always single and men are mean to me...are people who are so jealous of someone just full of this hate or jealousy no matter what?

Rather than flirt with me, give me 'free things' or try to get with me, i get the opposite reactions..its almost funny if u really think about it. Men treat me like a weirdo or freak, insult me put me down, harass me...try to charge me more for things, talk behind my back. Most dates go psycho just harassing belittling me or trying to make me think somethings wrong with me. im just a normal down to earth person--actually you think that men would be watning to get with a female like me...

i used to model, i have a hot body, am beautiful..but also really down to earth...but all i get is hatred from not stuck up..i have to describe myself here for the idiots who will say that all i do is talk about myself..uh asking a question..but there are always jealous people who will try..

but again i get nothing but hate from do men just hate pretty seems many of them do..
basically most people and men too punish me for being pretty...they want to make me feel ugly and weird..if i was a rude b*tch maybe a bad or mean person deserves that, but im a nice person and men will admit im really also not picky and open to any of these men but they still treat me not so nice..i dont get it..

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 29-35

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