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What are some genuine signs that a girl ...
4:34 PM - Wednesday July 30, 2003

What are some genuine signs that a girl ...

What are some genuine signs that a girl you are dating is losing interest, even though you still hang out alot? Why would girls act like this anyway and still go out with you?

- Asked by A Jock, Male, 22-25

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If the girl is losing interest in you, she'll stop looking into your eyes, stop laughing at your jokes, and stop smiling all giddy at you.

Why is she still going out with you? Well, having sex with the same guy is more convenient than finding someone new. Going to the movies with you is more fun that sitting at home watching the tube, and stuff like that. It's probably more convenient to have a quasi-boyfriend than to break it off and start her boyfriend search all over again. Chances are if she's acting like this, she's keeping her eyes open for her new "mr right" to come into her life before she'll move on. Not a lot of girls are like this, but some are.

- Response by bunkie, A Creative, Female, 36-45, Boston, Consulting

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Some signs: She stops taking any advantage to touch you. She lets her eyes wander all over during conversation when you're in a public arena. She takes a few hours/days to return a phone call/email when before it was minutes/hours. She disappears for an entire weekend without a word. She talks about other men.

As for why do women do this yet still go out with you. Two words: Professional dater. You're taking her out into the public arena, paying her way -- she's got a free night out on the town and she just might see someone else to hook up with. Hopefully, she wouldn't be completely classless and do this in front of you...but... I'm not excusing her behaviour. I find it reprehensible, however some women can't stand to be alone and would rather go out with someone they're not that interested in than sit at home or hang with girlfriends.

You didn't ask for my advice, but you're going to get it --- dump her.

- Response by A Player, Female, 29-35, Seattle, Science / Engineering

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It's pretty difficult to answer your question without knowing how exactly it is your girlfriend is acting. It's entirely possible that something else is going on that has nothing to do with your relationship. At the same time, if she has lost interest, there are a multitude of reasons girls stay when they are losing interest. Some think that eventually they'll regain interest, some are just waiting for the next best thing to come along, she may stay for the companionship and a date to parties etc., or even, in a worst case scenario, for the fringe benefits (getting taken out if you pay, sex, etc.) that she wouldn't get if she were single.

- Response by kuriouskats, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 29-35, Seattle, Technical

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Usually some signs might include her not wanting to be touched by you as much as she used to, not talking or having much to talk about anymore, and/or not laughing at things or finding things funny that she used to laugh with you about.

- Response by bbgal, A Life of the Party, Female, 29-35, Indianapolis, Medical / Dental

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I think you can tell a lot through body language. If she starts to turn away from you, not make eye contact, or seems closed off, I would say she's losing interest. Girls act like this because they don't want to be rude and call things off immediately. There might also be ulterior motives such as using you as an "in between" person.

- Response by feistyvietkitty, A Thinker, Female, 18-21, Sacramento, Student

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