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What constitutes as flirting? What 'fli...
5:49 PM - Wednesday December 24, 2003

What constitutes as flirting? What 'fli...

What constitutes as flirting? What 'flirting' constitues as cheating?

- Asked by An Intellectual Guy, Male, 18-21, Denver, Student

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I asked a similar question quite some time ago and here is what I learned...

Flirting is looking a someone... making eye contact... smiling... approaching and possibly talking to them...

Flirting / Cheating is when contact is made... touching of any kind... holding hands, etc...

- Response by A Creative, Female, 29-35, Los Angeles

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Flirting is a smile or that glance that you know will tickle anyone's temptation - flirting is not long as it fun and flattering to a degree that leaves a say...humm

Cheating is relatively obvious...intimate kissing, and so forth...pretty obvious...stuff

- Response by ttlsunset, A Sportif, Female, 29-35, Washington, DC, Consulting

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Anything more than kissing is CHEATING in my opinion! Flirting is the talking laughing occasionaly touching but once you kiss and anything after have just cheated.

- Response by gizzmo4pink, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 18-21, Houston, Student

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