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Soap the windows. Steal the gate. Move the steps. What Halloween tricks did you do when young?
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 5:07 PM - Wednesday October 30, 2013

Soap the windows. Steal the gate. Move the steps. What Halloween tricks did you do when young?

The American custom of "Trick or Treat" was invented less than 100 years ago as a way to bribe youngsters, mostly boys. A century ago Halloween was a popular time for boys to go around doing "tricks" on people, often wearing masks or other costumes in case they were seen.

When I was young "Trick or Treat" was only about 1 generation old. We still talked about the old tricks of stealing gates, moving steps, soaping windows, or whatever mischief we could think of. My friends and I did a few things like stealing a gate or soaping windows, but nothing serious.

What tricks did you do to people who didn't give out treats on Halloween?

Does any of the younger generation today still know about tricks?

- Asked by greenwind, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, Construction

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Halloween was brought to America by the Scots and originally was to ease the souls if the dead, who it is said roamed the land on oct 31 , before All Souls' Day the next day. The Scots were so scared that they dresses as ghosts and ghouls to try and fool them into leaving them alone. This is in the days that there was no street lights, so lanterns were made from turnips to light the way and scare the souls.

America pug their own talks in it and started their own tradition so not a bad thing but resembles nothing of the real spirit of Halloween

- Response by rumloverreturns, A Cool Mom, Female, 46-55, Glasgow, Other Profession

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We soaped windows, put shaving cream on car interiors, toilet-papered trees, and stole or smashed pumpkins. Nowadays those pranks would just be called vandalism.

- Response by betterbird, A Creative, Male, 46-55, San Francisco, Administrative

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