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Is increased hunger a sign of increased metabolism and gradual weigh loss?
Diet & Health / 6:32 AM - Thursday September 05, 2013

Is increased hunger a sign of increased metabolism and gradual weigh loss?

I started working out more often. I used to just mainly do group cardio classes.

Form doing my own research, I found other people stated that weight lifting and strength training is more effective. Even though cardio burns more calories within a session, the strength training keeps your body burning long after you're finished. So it's more effective in the long run.

I still do the cardio classes, but I started working out at home. Doing a routine in the mornings and at night each day.

I often find that in the mid-mornings around 11am, I start to feel really hungry even after I've had a good breakfast.

Apparently this is a sign that your body metabolism is increasing.

So should I take this as a good sign?

Update: September 05, 2013.
I should point out that I do keep myself hydrated throughout the day. I carry a water bottle with me and keep refilling it several times. I've been doing this for just over a year. It's only recently when I started lifting heavy weights and doing strength training that I felt more hungry.

- Asked by Male, 18-21

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It could be that you're just craving more fluids -much of the time, hunger pangs are from dehydration. Start drinking more water and see if that settles your hunger

Otherwise, yes - working out does tend to make you hungrier because you're burning more fat & calories. I'm always snacking on some kind of fruit or veggie after workouts -while filling up on water.

- Response by jillopo, An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35

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I posted the very same thing on here two months ago and yes you are correct. Keep doing weights, strength training as well as cardio. I try to do different cardio every day and keep my body in a state of shock so it won't plateau. I too, work out in the am and the afternoon because this keeps your metabolic rate high. I used to get hungry in the morning but now since I've been doing different cardio that I feel hungry even after I eat in the morning as well as before lunch and lastly, the hunger comes on quite quickly and it catches me off guard so I usually have a banana or apple with me just in cast.

- Response by ereculus, A Creative, Male, 46-55, Boston, Other Profession

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