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Men: How many times has a woman asked you out? How many times have you asked a woman out?
Dating / 7:28 PM - Thursday March 07, 2013

Men: How many times has a woman asked you out? How many times have you asked a woman out?

The woman/women in question should be ones that you were not in a relationship with.

It doesn't count if it's your wife of ten years saying "Let's go out".

I know this will color the replies, but my point is that women don't ask men out yet they defend the fairness of this "The one who asks is the one who pays" rule.

Just nut-up and admit it, no matter the method, men pay.

- Asked by alecsmart1, A Guy Critical, Male, 46-55, Celebrity

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I'd have to say I've been asked out 4 times have asked out hundreds.
And to answer roxys comment, men don't spend as much on clothes or make up, but he must have a nice (read expensive) apartment/ car. A woman living at home in her 20s-30s doesn't bat an eye, a guy living at home, by 30 would be considered an undatable loser.
Personally I don't complain about paying for women, I do complain about always paying and her claiming to be about equality and fairness.

- Response by jjcabin, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Washington, DC, Technical

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in six years I have been asked out by a woman FOUR times that constituted more than 2 dates.

that does not count the ones that let you that they want you to ask them out. each of them paid for the first date and all of them had sex with me starting on the first date. that is not normally how I do things but some women are more free about going after what they want. I just cant say if I enjoy that as much as they do. lol

they did pay only for that FIRST DATE though so you definitely have something there.

- Response by asymptotes87, A Rebel, Male, 26-28, Los Angeles

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I have asked men out a lot less than men have asked me out. But when I ask I do pay.

Yes, men pay for the most part. Most men I know like to be the one who pays and don't like when the woman insists on paying or paying half. They feel slighted.

And this is somewhat part of what the market will bare and the law of demand and supply at work.

By the way, how much does it cost you a month to get your hair done, your make-up, and all the other accoutrements we women fork out that inspire you men to ask us out?

- Response by roxygoldfish34, A Thinker, Female, 36-45

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as a follow up on the "how much do you spend" answer/question:

how much she spends on her appearance isnt really what inspires me. if I like how she looks in whatever she wears I get interested. most women my age arent spending as much money on their appearance as women over 30 (no offense). or at least they dont look like it.

a casual encounter with a girl in yoga pants and a zippy hoody give a nice idea of how she looks beneath her clothes. and her personality has to show more than her hair and make-up if she is hardly wearing any. its not about showing it off its about truth in advertising. no one I know looks for "dates" in the club or bar scene that is strictly for hooking up. I enjoy "meet up groups" and other casual encounters that have a focus on something other than "dating" and a lot less pressure.

- Response by asymptotes87, A Rebel, Male, 26-28, Los Angeles

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