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Help! No Heat in Apartment!
House & Home / 6:21 PM - Saturday December 22, 2012

Help! No Heat in Apartment!

I rented a private apartment in the house of a fellow co-worker. Its 38 degrees outside and I have no heat in the apt...and this is usually how it is. I called about the heat one time a few weeks ago and my co-worker said to bundle up...that response did leave me quite upset.

I really don't want to use a space heater b/c I already have a $90 electricity bill. What can I do to resolve this issue. Being cold makes me really sad.

- Asked by Female, 29-35

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Call your local housing authority and report him. They will cite him and fine him for every day he doesn't give you heat. He's also in breach of your lease where if your apartment has heat on his dime, you can sue him for breach of contract and you'll win. My suggestion as someone who's been in law for 22 years is to send him a formal written letter outlining the fact he refuses to give you heat, and put in the "bundle up" response. Mail the letter to him certified mail and regular mail, both. If he still refuses to give you heat, call your local housing authority, renters hotline, whatever it is in the state you live in, and file a formal complaint. They will come out and inspect, talk to you, cite him, and for every day you go without heat, fine him. He may get pissed off you reported him and evict you. That's also illegal and called "retaliatory" eviction, for which he can be sanctioned by the court for being a slumlord. Keep a diary of all the days you're without heat, when you reported it and what his response was if you have to sue him or he sues you for eviction. My next suggestion is that you call an attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant matters. Just don't let him get away with it!

- Response by diznykd, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Lawyer

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Since you don't want to use electric, bundle up. And since this is the case, maybe you should look for another place that has better amenities.

You could turn the oven on and lead the door open to generate some heat. Also, if you have one of those efficient radiator heaters it won't cause your electric to go up that much.

- Response by msadvise, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Transportation

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Tell her to turn the heat up or your going to put your rent in escrow with the courts.
If she is renting this room out illegally,she will turn it up.
Im sure she will want her rent when its due. If she dont turn it up,hold the rent till she does.
Ask her how she would like to walk around with 2-3 layers of clothes plus a blanket wrapped around her.
Good luck.

- Response by tudorcat, Female, 56-65, Columbus, Home Maker

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Get a portable heater to move around the apt mom does that in our house and loves it

- Response by Pearl72594, A Trendsetter, Female, 18-21, Cleveland, Construction

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