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How to make a girl leave her boyfriend for me?
Dating / 11:56 PM - Sunday April 29, 2012

How to make a girl leave her boyfriend for me?

I met this girl and we talked for the day. We exchanged numbers and we have started to text each other frequently, she also seems to enjoy my company and when I call her,but she has a boyfriend. I am trying my best to think of the best way to go through this.

Before you answer think of the dilemma I face:
1.) I don't want to let a girl leave her bf for me especially since she hasn't indicated that she isn't happy with him. (they seem happy together). Plus I wouldn't want some random guy to steal my girlfriend either.

2.) I don't want to keep on just communicating with her and waiting for the day she and her boyfriend isn't together. Or since she has a bf already I don't want to find myself drifting into the friend the zone with her.

- Asked by Male, 22-25

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How about you respect her boyfriend and lay off? How would you like it if she were your girlfriend and some random guy was trying to take her from you?

You need to find someone else to be interested in. If she's showing interest in you, that means she probably does this with a lot of guys to get attention, so exactly how long do you think she'll be with you before she goes to the next guy that pays her attention?

- Response by diznykd, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Lawyer

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If she leaves him for you,
Don't be so dilluted as to think that she won't leave you for someone else too.

- Response by stanorocks, A Guy Critical, Male, 36-45, Denver, Therapist

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How to make a girl leave her boyfriend for me? You can't

I don't want to let a girl leave her bf for me- You can't make or let her do anything she does or does not want to do

I don't want to keep on just communicating with her and waiting for the day- Then don't, accept she's unavailable and move on. You make it known you would be interested but are backing off because she has a boyfriend. She'll either decide to pursue you or will stay with her boyfriend and make that choice herself.

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 36-45

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Now that she knows you're interested and has gotten to know you somewhat, I think you should back off and let her decide. I wouldn't continue something and just be on the side and have her cheating on her boyfriend. That's not right and I don't think that's fair to anyone involved. Either she's unhappy with him and will break it off, or she won't. But don't be in the middle of all this. Also, I would be careful pursuing someone that would start talking to someone all day and give their number out so freely and quickly when they're in a relationship. That would make me think that she doesn't take relationships too seriously and has a history of doing this type of thing.

If you don't know her that well I would try to meet someone else and would forget about her before you end up with stronger feelings that could lead to getting hurt. There are some red flags already.

- Response by jamesfireman34, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45

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Well, your posted question has nothing to do with your point #1. Listen up here buddy, she has a boyfriend, leave her the F*ck alone and go find someone who's available. That would be your point #2...don't sit around and wait for her...go find someone else. Stop communicating with her, stop the flirty texts, and just move on. If they break-up and she comes and finds you and you're single, then great, but don't try to change things in her current situation because you're merely attracted to her.

- Response by nico76, A Creative, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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