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Do you still smoke? Some do's and don'ts.
Diet & Health / 1:42 AM - Monday April 23, 2012

Do you still smoke? Some do's and don'ts.

There seems to be nothing good to say about smoking. The Medical Industry have made their
point clear, Smoking is bad for you. Study after
study has confirmed it. Right?

I had an Uncle who died at the ripe old age of 94.
He smoked Camel straights. He also owned and operated a Barber Shop, where smoking was allowed.

Where I go sometimes to jam with other muscians, there is a lady who is a regular. Her name is Irene, and she is 90 years old, has smoked all her life. She also loves to drink

Not too long ago, I Googled, Worlds oldest people.
I was amazed that many who lived way pass a hundred still smoked. One lady who lived to be 114 smoked since she was a child. Her doctor advised that she quit smoking when she was 103, and she quit for awhile, but she said she didn't like the way she feels, and went on to live to 114.

It is no longer a time, when you can ask, "Is it ok if I smoke"? In the smoking days, someone would say, "sure I'll get an ash tray"!

If someone wants to pay you for a cigarette, just simply say no, if you can't afford to buy them, you probably need the money.

Never run out of cigs in a Casino! They will rape you and scrape you for 8.00 a pack or more..

If someone ask you if you have an extra cig, just say, "I believe there are only 20 in a pack.

If you are going to smoke, don't smoke Marborro!
It is the worst cigarette on the market. You would be better off to smoke a turkish blend, like
Camel, and they will give you a discount.


Update: April 23, 2012.
Thanks for your input on the subject of smoking. All of you had good responses. I appreciate it! Thanks for your reply! Cheers, Don

- Asked by don07, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 56-65, Las Vegas, Self-Employed

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