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Why do grown adults lie?
Friendship / 3:34 PM - Monday April 16, 2012

Why do grown adults lie?

I'm kind of sort of friends with this girl at work and she's a pathological liar or a compulsive liar. And if I catch her in a lie she's turns it around and makes it look like I'm attacking her. This is why i've stopped talking to her for the most part.

When I first started here 2 years ago she told me she was raped and she only told a handful of people. Come to find out she told the whole work place of like 20 people - she just announced it during lunch. Everyone was speechless . she told me she was raped right after high school and she got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption. I felt so bad for her. then a couple months later she was like oh my son would have been 5 today and I just looked at her and I was like aren't you 29 - and I was like obviously you don't know how to do math. Her son should have been around 10. she like uses that excuse to make people feel sorry for her.

So, she's been telling me these stories about how she couldn't do something over the past weekend because she had to take care of her mom- she told me her mom fell down 18 steps on Holy Thursday and got staples put in. ok -fine. so this morning she told me she didn't go to a co-workers grandmother's viewing because her grandmother was in the hospital and her father was taking care of his sister because she was sick (this is his mother) - and her mother was sick because she got an infection from the staples because she fell down the stairs on Holy Saturday. I was like wtf? Didn't you say she feel down them on Thursday - no I said Saturday - and I was like there was about 4 other people in that room and a text message that said Thursday - no you're wrong. so, I was like whatever. then she was like I was at the hospital all day - I had to even eat there. and then within the same breathe she was like I met 2 friends for coffee on Sunday - which was yesterday -the day she spent all day at the hospital. So, I was like oh they came to the hospital - no - I met them at Dunkin - I was like ooohhh okkkkaaayyy -that's really how you spend alll day at the hospital - she got pissed and huffed and puffed away from me.

I just don't understand why an adult feels that they need to lie -especially about being raped. ooohh and her story about being raped changed - she said she was raped a year after she graduated from high school (2000) and now it's 13 years ago - that would mean she was raped before she graduated. And she said at first the dude was her boyfriend and he date raped her - now all of a sudden it's this friend of a friend. She was saying something about this friend and I was like isn't that the guy you dated for 2 months -no I haven't spoken to him in years - and I was like omg I remember you went out on dates with him. no I didn't. whatever. I wasn't arguing.

What does she feel she's going to gain by lying?

- Asked by A Trendsetter, Female, 36-45

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