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Publishers Clearing House
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 10:50 AM - Thursday September 29, 2011

Publishers Clearing House

I made the mistake a few weeks back of applying on line for their sweepstakes, figured what do I have to lose. Now every single day I get an e mail from them saying I can win $1000.00 a week for life or the million dollar sweepstakes or more.....Every day it another chance to win some large sum of money...My question is does anyone out there actually know anyone the ever won any thing from PCH?

- Asked by hdrider147, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 56-65, Retired

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Nope. And the win rate for those are so low that if you ever did know someone, you'd never win it. Its like knowing a lottery winner and then winning the lottery for yourself. It just doesn't happen.

But, you can set up a bot. Set up 100 or 1000 different e-mail addresses and program a bot to respond to each of those e-mails every day.

- Response by inotnuts, A Father Figure, Male, 36-45, Newark, Retired

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they have this tv show on TLC called The Lottery Changed my Life and they showed a women on there who won $100K. I entered the same thing you did before....You can go to their website and cancel your emails.

- Response by kmf1, A Life of the Party, Female, 46-55, Minneapolis, Who Cares?

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Yes they send me emails twice daily, I have bought magazines and products though and that's how they get you. But I haven't known anyone that has won.

- Response by hulagirl55, A Sportif, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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Just block their email address so that you do not get it in the first place. They have your phone number and real address to use, if it became necessary to contact you.

Block them!

- Response by randyl, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Technical

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