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Owning a gun and having small children in your home.
Race, Religion & Politics / 4:44 AM - Wednesday July 13, 2011

Owning a gun and having small children in your home.

I read another post in here were a member was upset that a child was killed by a handgun in the home. That person suggested that houses with children be denied ownership by the property owner. Quite honestly I think that is about the dumbest suggestion any one person can make. Though I understand their reasoning and the death of a child is very tragic it comes down to the parents taking responsibility in their homes. But many adults do not know how to take ownership and responsibility and when tragedy strikes they learn but only after they come to terms with their mistake.

Having a gun in a home with small children is simple. Put the guns away were the children cannot retrieve them. That means if you got a gun put it in a lock box with a key lock or combination lock if you cannot afford a gun safe. I own four hand guns and I am very proficient. Once a month intake my daughters to Shooters world and they practice with the hand guns. They know how to disasemble clean and reassemble a handgun. I also own three twelve gauge enforcers. Each of my daughters keeps one in their bedroom. They know if they have company over to take the weapons and secure them in the floor safe of the master bedroom. I always check when company is here and they do what they are told without me having to ask or remind them.

But outlawing guns isn't the answer. As I mentioned if you outlaw guns responsible people will follow the law. But criminals will not. Any smart criminal knows how to take parts from home depot and assemble a zip gun.

You have to take responsibility for your own actions. And if that means taking extra steps to make sure your children are safe then do it. But some of you cannot you will make excuses and then cry and speak of banning the item. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. That's the cold hard truth. A gun is a tool that was made for hunting and self defense. But before some of you take up offense let's compare a hand gun to another very common killer. The automobile.

Yes the car lets compare the two. They are both operated by people and are in a sense tools that are for our use. Can they be abused in the hands of the wrong people? Yea they can. No Mynekogirl a hand gun is meant to kill a car isn't? Are you sure? How many times have we seen kids killed in cars by a reckless parent who is texting while driving or speeding or driving under the influence. Or better yet road rage were they use their car as a weapon. How many children are killed in cars because their parents didn't take responsibility by making sure they were buckled up.

You people know who you are. You are the ones that make stupid choices that cost others their lives. Don't believe me? Well then how many of you women have used your body to get a man to do something you want or get you something you need. There are men in prison who will swear to that fact. How many of you men here in answeology can say yes I did this one thing after she gave me a or did this to me.

I am not without compassion and my heart goes out to the family for their loss but again you have to be a responsible gun owner like you have to be a responsible driver when operating a car. That's part of being both an adult and a parent.

Now grow up some!

- Asked by mynekogirl, A Trendsetter, Female, 46-55, Executive

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