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Would you rather: Ride on a train? Dance in the rain? Or feel no pain?
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 7:24 PM - Wednesday March 09, 2011

Would you rather: Ride on a train? Dance in the rain? Or feel no pain?

- Asked by awsum1, A Life of the Party, Male, Who Cares?, Chicago

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painfree please.... pain sucks.

if everyone cuz just be pain free, don't you think the world would be a better place!

i.e. i have cancer and am going through chemo, but i don't feel a thing... let's go grab a beer.

- Response by kungfudewd, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Who Cares?

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If I could go pain free for 24 hours, I would never ask for anything again.

- Response by buffer, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Los Angeles, Retired

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Dance on a midnight train to, or on a rainy night in Georgia...or maybe Indiana...or some other place where the pain is easily ignored. :)

- Response by uniquelyme2, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Dance in the rain........

- Response by stanorocks, A Guy Critical, Male, 36-45, Denver, Therapist

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Dance in the rain :) ... train rides are boring and the pain lets me know i'm alive!

- Response by funegirljen, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Sacramento, Administrative

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Feel No Pain sounds good right about now.

- Response by A Guy Critical, Male, Who Cares?

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I would rather feel no pain!

- Response by lacey07, A Life of the Party, Female, Who Cares?, Other Profession

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No question, obviously ride on a train.

- Response by kalicalendar16, A Hippie Chick, Female, 29-35

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Feel no pain thus you can ride on a train and dance in the rain.

- Response by farawayfan, Female, 56-65, Buenos Aires, Teaching

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After a bit of surgery ... I will gladly ask for your get out of pain free card...please!!!!

- Response by lady4u, A Married Girl, Female, 56-65, Cincinnati, Who Cares?

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Ride on a train
no, that's just plain

Dance in the rain
no, sounds insane

Feel no pain
yes, so much to gain

apologies to Dr Seuss

- Response by grinandbareit, An Engaged Guy, Male, 56-65, Other Profession

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I'll take the train. I was on it twice today actually. Trains are cheap,quick and you can read or socialize or just sleep as you wait to be delivered to your destination.

Trains rule!

- Response by llafsroh, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Boston, Science / Engineering

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I would gladly settle for one day without pain... ONE DAY !!

- Response by carnivaljoe, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 66 or older, Retired

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Dance in the rain. It's very freeing.

- Response by A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, Retail

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feel no knees sometimes they just bother me.

- Response by phenomenal1woman, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Chicago

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the train in spain crashes mainly Allemagne.

- Response by stoney07, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 66 or older, Who Cares?

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Feel NOO pain DEF!!!!

- Response by christinfusion22, A Hippie Chick, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?

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Feel no pain.I live with plenty of it.

- Response by frenchkiss49, A Thinker, Female, 66 or older, Tampa, Who Cares?

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Dance in the rain! I can almost do that in my bedroom. It's been raining a LOT here, and my room is flooding.

- Response by proudmom88, An Alternative Girl, Female, 26-28, Atlanta

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Feel no pain.Especially the mental pain.

- Response by roanna, A Hippie Chick, Female, 56-65, Self-Employed

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dance in the rain of course!

- Response by jamiesangel777, An Engaged Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Los Angeles, Other Profession

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Feel no pain standing in the rain watching a train go by.

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 36-45

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Feel no pain. No question about it.

- Response by A Married Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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dance in the rain

- Response by lollipop462, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45

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I'm going with singing in the rain...

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again... =o)

- Response by glowinangeliz, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45

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what is this, a virtual re-make of the recruit?

- Response by aszwhole, A Player, Male, 36-45, Dallas

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