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We broke up. Will he come back?
Dating / 7:50 AM - Monday December 06, 2010

We broke up. Will he come back?

Me and my boyfriend had been together for 7 months. But for the last month I had become impossible always picking on everything he did or said now he broke up with me. I know it's my fault but now I'm so sorry for what I did. He told our common friend that he is considering it as a break. But I am afraid that he will move on. Today I told him that I intend to see a counsellor in order to see if I can accept him as he is. He just told me. That's nice I hope you solve your issues Tc. I'm afraid he will not come back. As he has never been cold with me. We broke up yesterday..

- Asked by ilovethesea, An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35

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You said your peace to him, now give him space and time to miss you and if he loves you, he will come back. Don't pester him with questions or beg him to come back. All you can do is tell him how you feel and that you are getting help. Now let him wonder how you are. He has to put forth an effort to make it work now, that will make you feel a lot better when/if he does. Its a two way sreet to make it work.

- Response by fas2005, A Father Figure, Male, 46-55, Pittsburgh, Science / Engineering

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I think that after you said sorry, that there is nothing left for you to say. Give him his space. I think that if you were to contact him now, it would end up pushing him away further. It is out of your control now and the next move is his to make. The worst thing you can do now is to keep contacting him. I know that you are afraid that he might move on, but if that is what he decides to do, there is nothing you can do about it. Continuing to contact him at this point, would make you seem desperate needy and clingy. All qualities which men despise and are most likely to make him stay away. If you have any chance of getting back with him, let him decide that is what he wants and the only way he can make that decision is if you give him space. You can't make someone feel or do as you want them to. In the meantime, keep busy and work on what you can change about you and keep your mind off of him. Sometimes, is is best to wait and let things happen as they will rather than trying to make things happen as you want! Give it some time and he will likely find that he does miss you and he will be back.

- Response by iamboo2, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Charlotte, Therapist

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