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What should I do about my sister? I can't stand her attitude anymore!!!
Family & Parenting / 5:01 PM - Sunday November 28, 2010

What should I do about my sister? I can't stand her attitude anymore!!!

My sister is a half sister, our mother got remarried to my dad. So, its always been a sort of strained relationship being that my sister lived with her dad. Well, our mom has always tried to do things for her and her children and have traveled down to their house (which is a pit) and cooked and cleaned and helped them move. We have went to the birthday parties, which she insists on having one every single year and inviting everyone every single year for each of them... which just becomes a little over done after a while.

So, my mom and I have gotten them gifts and one year she actually opened everyone elses gifts and left ours just sitting there because she had seen my mom got them some gently used clothes... she didn't even know what I got them! I was furious, but we said nothing.
It was brought up one day when she was complaining about our mother and next thing she calls up my mom and said some real nasty uncalled for things and told her to F off. So my mom has made no contact since then and I've made no effort until she called out of the blue.
Well our grandma passed away and that led to other drama and long story short, my sister posted some crap on facebook. My mom and her were emailing back and forth and my sister just kept bad mouthing her and so I decided to email her myself and let her know how I felt about this whole thing.
Of course she always turned everything around because its always about her and then when I had mentioned that maybe this year I would just donate the gifts that I had bought for her kids because nothing is ever good enough, she freaked out. I had said it because I really wasn't sure what to do, but I have decided that I can't take it out on them since it's not their fault their mom is a B. But anyways she called my phone and left me a message saying I'm a lowlife and a B**ch and I don't know the whole story.
For me that was it. I'm tired of her calling people names as though she the right. She is rude and I'm sorry, you don't talk to family the way she has.

My mom has said that she doesn't want to continue dealing with her and I'm in the same boat. I don't agree with the way she acts and how she treats people. And she won't apologize. She expects my mom to apologize even though she told her F off. I don't get her. Do you think it's best to just cut the ties? I just cant get over the way she spoke to my mom and now me. Anyone ever had something similar? What did you do?

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Administrative

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i have a sister, just like that a pure cold hearted bitch.... you and your mom need to leave her alone, she sounds like a ungrateful whiney spoiled bitch... if you disconnect from her and not be there for her, give her that rude awakening..... don't worry about the kids... because it seems like she is not.. the way she is carrying on.. i bet ya are not the only people she disrespects... when she realizes ya are not there for her she will have no choice .. but to think how good ya were to her.. let her come to you.. it may hurt ya because of the children, but don't let her use them as a pawn in this... cut all ties... trust me she snap out of it.. and hopefully start appreciating ya, she has to hit rock bottom first.. when she finds herself lonely .. friends come and go.. and when she looks around and realizes damn .. my mom and my sister use do do this and that, and i remember they did this and that... man teach her a lesson.. or give her tuff love.. life is to short, she would never ever disrespect my mother... she would have something coming to her ass.

- Response by mburgos, A Cool Mom, Female, 46-55, Philadelphia, Who Cares?

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Honey if it was me...There is no question I would be asking who? I don't associate with people who act that way even if they are family. It is one thing to have a disagreement, but this woman sounds like a crazed B@**h. Sorry for the kids, but cut the ties...

- Response by morista, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Managerial

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Id bet that if you really listened to her'd see that she probbably has alkways felt like she was an outsider to you and her mom..... as if she didnt belong........ All because your mom was having kids elsewhere..... She's your sister....Family either way....and if she is crazy those kids need you to be an aunt and your mom to be a Grandmother..... Give it a shot

- Response by boxer1, A Guy Critical, Male, 46-55, Self-Employed

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curren;ty not speaking to my brother and his fiancee due to him saying things to my wife. our mom got involved and she took his side. so i kinda know where you are. i cut ties and have made it clear that until a real heartfelt effort to appologizze is made from my brother that we will be having nothing to do with him, his finacee and sadly their new baby. it's been nice not having any drama lately. cut ties and let them realize what they're missing, or if they don't really miss you - were they really worth having around. i know "family family " blah blah blah. if thy weren't family how would you act? just because they're related, does not give them freebies to act like an a$$.

- Response by cm1979, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 26-28, Technical

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