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Do I get a Christmas present for someone I've only been dating for 2 months?
Dating / 12:18 PM - Friday November 26, 2010

Do I get a Christmas present for someone I've only been dating for 2 months?

I'll have been dating this guy for just over 2 months when Christmas comes round.

So do I get him a present or what? I don't want to appear cheap by only giving him a card but how much should I spend? Is $30 acceptable?

- Asked by Female, 29-35

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I would only spend what I feel comfortable expecting from my s/o. So how much do you exepct him to spend on you?

- Response by juandontbeg, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Self-Employed

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Yea something token would be nice. Whatever you feel is the right amount is the right amount. Its a personal choice. He may get something more or less or not at all but it should be what you feel is right not about what he may or may not do.

- Response by newnumbersguy32, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45, Financial / Banking

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I would get him some small gift. Especially something like a pair of tickets to a movie or show we both want to see.

- Response by buffalothighs88, A Hippie Chick, Female, 56-65, Other Profession

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Give him a small gift. How about a box of home made cookies?

- Response by greenwind, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, Construction

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No. Don't permit that obligatory mind set take over. YOU are only dating him, and if he gets yo usomething, it is more than likely because he feels obligated.

- Response by buffer, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Los Angeles, Retired

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depends on how much you like him. i think 25 to 30 would do great. try going to lowes or home depot, i'm sure you could find aguy that would give you suggestions. good luck!

- Response by imissit, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 66 or older, Who Cares?

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It's not enough time to buy a serious gift for him...

I'd suggest, if you're a good cook, make a nice dinner for him and if he's having dinner with his family, make it during Christmas or New Years' Day/Week. No presents for a short relationship is necessary.

- Response by pushkins, A Thinker, Female, 66 or older, Miami, Who Cares?

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I think its good to buy a little something for someone new in your life as long as you like him and actually want to do it.

- Response by dick, A Jock, Male, 29-35, Construction

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up to you and how much you value him
the price is right.

- Response by amandasboy, A Father Figure, Male, 66 or older, Atlanta, Retired

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I would get something small and a card. Find out is favorite cologne

- Response by ljonsey29, A Thinker, Female, 29-35

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Heck, just have a conversation and ask him if you are exchanging gifts. That's one reason I don't like the commercialization of Christmas. The incessant gift giving and receiving. Inevitably, someone gets embarrassed because they either buy someone a way too cheap gift or a way expensive one. A distant relative showed up for a family christmas gathering once and we gave them something worth about $10 and they gave us something work about ten times that much. It was uncomfortable.

Anyway, I digress. Just ask him :)

- Response by clarkgriswold, A Guy Critical, Male, 36-45

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I would get him a gift but nothing expensive. I wouldn't necessarily set a price limit. Just go shopping and if you see anything you think he'll like,look at the price tag and if you're willing to spend that much go for it. 30 sounds about right. I wouldn't go over 50.

- Response by misskitty420, A Cool Mom, Female, 29-35, Student

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I'd ask him if you two want to exchange gifts or not. My boyfriend and I have sometimes just not bothered exchanging gifts because we don't find it important to do. When there's something that one of us wants to get the other, we exchange gifts. My parents generally get him something and his mom generally gets me something, and we get joint gifts for our parents, and we just do it that way. (But the later part of that is after a few years).

I'd talk to him about it. If you're not comfortable talking about it, then I'd be worried about why you're not comfortable with that, but would get him something small but important to him. About $30 seems reasonable.

- Response by atuin, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 26-28

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