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Can you tell if a girl's vagina is tight?
Sex & Intimacy / 10:04 AM - Monday November 15, 2010

Can you tell if a girl's vagina is tight?

Would you be affected by its tightness?

- Asked by Female, 29-35

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YES, YES a hundred times YES.

Many women think that vaginal exercising is something that should be done a short period after they have given birth to a child and only then. This is *wrong*.
Kegel exercises increases your (and your partner's) pleasure during intercourse, so if you want a really good sexlife, you can (and should) do Kegel exercises regularly, whether you have given birth or not and regardless of your age.

There are several benefits for a woman to exercise her vagina:
This will...
. ...make it easier for you to reach orgasm.
. ...make your orgasms stronger/better as the muscles you're exercising are the same as used during orgasm.
. ...make your vagina more sensitive (you'll feel more). When squeezing you'll feel your partner much better inside. It will simply heighten your sexual satisfaction.
. ...prevent prolepses and incontinence.
. ...make childbirth easier and your muscles will regain more quickly after the birth.
. - For your boyfriend it will be a tremendous difference. You will get tighter. You can pull and squeeze your partner's penis.
. - You don't have to be nervous the first time you make love with a new partner, wondering what he will think of you as a sexual partner. You'll have better sexual self-confidence. You'll know that your present/future boyfriend/husband/lover won't be disappointed.
. - Men prefer women with a strong vagina (to many men it's more important that his lover has a strong vagina than having a perfect body). In some cultures women exercise their vaginal strength in order to help them keep their future/present husband.
. - You can be proud of your vaginal strength (just like one can be proud of one's body).
. - The woman will get more control in bed. Many women enjoy that and think its fun.
Your vaginal muscles may be out of tone (loose/weak) because of:
* Neglect (you don't exercise)
* Pregnancies
* Age
* Overweight
Kegel exercises will increase your vaginal strength.
I'm young and I haven't given birth, why should I exercise?
Simply because you'll have more fun in bed. As mentioned above, exercised vaginal muscles will give you (and your partner) more pleasure during intercourse. His penis will feel bigger and your orgasms will be stronger. It will make childbirth easier and it
prevents incontinence. You'll be a better sexual partner (men*love* a strong vagina). It might even help you find/keep your partner.
I have given birth, but why should I exercise?
Because you (and your partner) will enjoy sex that much more.
After childbirth, you will regain your tightness much faster (if you don't exercise, some say it takes eight years to regain tightness).
If you exercise, your vagina will not only get tighter but also stronger. As mentioned, this will make the penis of your partner feel bigger, you'll get stronger orgasms and you prevent incontinence.
Unfortunately, when getting married, many women stop exercising. If they break up, they begin to exercise again (as they want to get a new partner, they try not only to look good and get into shape on the 'outside' but also on the 'inside'(by having a tight vagina)). If they had kept exercising during their marriage, they would have had a much
richer sex life and a tighter vagina (as well as preventing some female related problems).
-At what age should I start to exercise?
The younger you are when you start exercising, the better.
-Should *all* women really do these exercises?
Yes, regardless of age and whether you've given birth or not, you should exercise.
-I am 42 years old. I want to get an improved sex life and bladder control.
Is it too late for me to start Kegel exercising?
No, it is never too late to start!
-How is a Kegel exercise done?
It's very simple. The easiest way to exercise is simply to contract the vagina, then relax.
Repeat 20-400(depending on your strength) times/day.
As well as being simple to do, the exercises only take some minutes each day. And unlike other exercises(like jogging, swimming, strength training, etc.), you don't even have to take a shower afterwards, and the results are very rewarding.
Alternative (more efficient and advanced) ways to exercise are described further down this page.
When exercising you should not use your stomach, leg, back or buttock muscles. Breathe slowly and deeply. Put your hand on your stomach when you squeeze your pelvic muscle. If you feel your abdominal muscles move, then you are also using these muscles. Your leg and buttocks muscles should not move.
There are also gadgets like vaginal cones to help women locate and exercise the right muscles.
As no one can tell that you're exercising, you can do the exercises anywhere, anytime. On the bus, when walking, watching TV, lying down, driving a car, sitting, during sexual intercourse(tighten your pelvic muscles to grip your partner's penis and then relax), while brushing your teeth, at work, standing in line at the ATM, waiting for an elevator, whenever a telephone operator puts you on hold, when jogging, make a habit of doing some contractions every time you take a look at a watch, every morning when you get out of bed, etc. If you already have a daily exercise program for your body, you can do the Kegel exercises as a part of that program.
Unfortunately, some women, even though they take interest in their body and exercise (by jogging, swimming or slimming) in order to get fit (either for health reasons or to become more attractive), seem to care only for the 'outside', often neglecting that it is equally important to exercise(by doing Kegels) the 'inside'(both for attractiveness and health reasons). Actually, when it comes to attractiveness, the inside may be even more important than the outside, as many men prefer a woman who has good control of her vagina to a woman with a perfect body. That's positive as it's easier to exercise the vagina than it is to get a perfect body.
For best results, you must exercise faithfully. The muscles won't increase in strength overnight. Most women will notice changes after just three weeks.
When exercising your vagina, it should not feel as if your anus is tensing too. It may be hard to tighten the vagina separately, but when you've exercised for some time, you should be able to feel the difference between these muscles. Don't worry if you can't contract them separately, though. It's not *that* important.
Some women, who have talent and take interest in their vaginal strength, can become expert in using their muscles in sex to *greatly* enhance the sexual experience.
-Is there a way for me to measure progress?
Not really. If you have a really weak vagina and a lot of money, you can buy a perineometer (it's intended for measuring progress of very weak/loose vaginas and can therefore not be used for strong vaginas).Of course, another way to measure your strength is vaginal weight lifting. Another way is to use a Newtonmeter (scales that is often used when fishing and in physics labs) connected to a vaginal ball. Yet another way is to contract around your fingers or ask your boyfriend during intercourse.
-I don't know how to contract my vagina!
It's the same muscle you flex when you try not to pee(like when you feel you really need to visit a toilet but there's is no one around). Next time you're urinating, try to stop in mid flow (without using your legs). The muscle you use to start and stop is the pubococcygeus muscle. (This is only a way to find the muscle - Kegel exercises should normally not be done when urinating).
-How do I know if I'm exercising the right muscles?
Put a finger (or two) into the vagina and squeeze. You should feel your vagina tighten. Or, ask your gynecologist. She will help you.
Another way is to tighten your vaginal muscles to grip your partner's penis during intercourse - if your vagina isn't too weak, your partner should be able to feel an increase in pressure.
-I'm getting headache when exercising. What's wrong?
If you get headaches when exercising, then you are also tensing your chest muscles and probably holding your breath. If you find the exercises tiring or if you get back pain or stomach pain after you exercise, then you are probably trying too hard and using stomach muscles.
-I want to learn how to use the vaginal muscles deeper inside.
These muscles are harder to find. It may be easier if you use a dildo when exercising, though. More on resistance kegels further down this page.
-I find the exercises boring! Is there a way to make them more fun?
Yes. If you want, you can masturbate at the same time. Masturbating is not filthy but natural. All women should masturbate, whether they have a partner or not. Masturbating helps you to learn more about your body/genitals, what you like/enjoy regarding sex and makes you more open minded towards sex. Actually, many women get a better sex life if they masturbate. It will also help you let out/get rid of stress/tension. According to several surveys, up to 90% of women(married as well as unmarried) masturbates, many of them several times a week.
Or buy Ben Wa balls and contract around them! Ben Wa balls are inserted into the vagina and are intended to give the woman pleasure when she walks. As you've something to squeeze around, your Kegel exercises will feel natural.
More on this further down.
-Is it true that some women let doctors sew their vagina in order to
get tighter? Is that really better than exercising?
Sadly, although it's not common, it seems like some(often rich) women do this to get a tighter vagina. Some doctors also make 'love-stitches', during the repair of episiotomy (after childbirth) to make the vagina tight.
However, as these women don't get the benefits mentioned above (like stronger vaginal muscles, stronger orgasms, preventing incontinence, etc.), Kegel exercising is much better. Thus, 'love-stitches' is not a substitute for Kegel exercising.
-Can men do Kegel-exercises?
Yes. But it won't make the penis harder(not much anyway) or anything like that(so, a weak muscle doesn't mean a soft penis). What it can do, though, is to help men delay/control orgasm.
"I only exercise occasionally and I am proud to say that even after giving birth to 5 (yes FIVE!) Children, I have retained excellent vaginal muscle tone. I would have to say that the exercises in question-Kegel, are well worth doing. They can be done anytime, anywhere; no one can tell you are doing them. They are also pleasant to do. I can't imagine any reason not to do them."
"A woman should have control of her muscles in her lower abdomen; this may increase the pleasure for both herself and her partner. This way, the clitoris is stimulated indirectly and for some women this is necessary to make them able to achieve orgasm."
In old Indian literature, it is said about the woman:
'She must always lay stress on closing and constricting the Yoni(the vagina) until it holds the Lingam(the penis) as with a finger, opening and shutting at her pleasure, and finally acting as the hand of the Copula-girl who milks the cow. This can be learned only by long practice, and especially by throwing the will into the part affected. Her husband will not then value her above all women, nor would he exchange her for the most beautiful queen in the Three Worlds...'
The following exercise can be done to train the muscle surrounding the vagina: lay down on the floor with your legs in 'frog-position' (knees bent, the soles of your feet facing each other) and let your stomach and vaginal muscles relax. Imagine the two interior walls in your vagina and try to bring them together by contracting as if you would stop a jet of urine. Don't flex the muscles of your stomach nor should you press your buttocks
An even more effective way is to relax and then do three fast contractions between
point 5 and 6. You can also try to relax longer after the long contraction:
1-5: same as above.
6. Relax for five seconds.
7. Contract fast(=a short, yet hard contraction, should take less than one second).
8. Release (fast).
9. Contract (fast).
10. Release (fast).
11. Contract (fast).
12. Relax some seconds before starting over again at point 1.
"'I know Kegel exercises strengthen the perineal area and can reduce the need
for an episiotomy.' The rapid squeeze, release, squeeze type of Kegel isn't the best exercise. Seriously, it is best to concentrate on doing several deliberately slow and focused contractions of the pelvic floor muscle. Think in terms of the elevator Kegel: ground floor at the entrance to your vagina and 10th floor up around your belly button. Slowly raise the elevator as you contract the Kegel muscle. Or visualize drawing water up like a siphon into your vagina. The Kegel muscle is rather slow, unlike a biceps muscle for example, and one has to concentrate and build up to controlling the deliberate contractions that strengthen it. You can certainly begin now; it's never too late!" - - -
Alternative ways to exercise:
* Tighten a little -- count five.
* Tighten a little more -- count five.
* Tighten as hard as possible -- count five.
* Relax in reverse steps, counting five at each step
Do the following exercises 3 times a day, every day.
They will only take a couple of minutes.
Exercise 1: contract your muscles during 3 seconds. Release. Repeat 10 times
Exercise 2: squeeze and release your muscles as rapidly as possible. Repeat 25 times.
Exercise 3: imagine you are trying to draw something into your vagina. Hold for 3 seconds. Release. Repeat 10 times.
Exercise 4: imagine you are trying to eject something from your vagina. Hold for 3 seconds. Release. Repeat 10 times.
"I have developed the old, usual Kegel-exercises, as I noticed that they don't quite exercise the muscles to be used effectively during intercourse. Read on to learn how to get maximum control of your love muscles. You can do the exercises both alone and together with your partner during intercourse. When you are practicing on a man - try to keep a slow pace before you reach climax so that you have time to feel what's happening when you are using your muscles. Have fun!
. The Basic Contraction: Begin the contraction movement from your anus, where the 'Kegel'-muscles begin. Then, contract forward, upward. Presumably, it will feel harder to contract the higher up in your vagina you are trying, especially if you've given birth. But it is these muscles that are the most favorable in stimulating the G-spot, so don't neglect them. It may be easier to find the right muscles if you put a finger deep inside or a dildo. Contract and hold for three to five seconds to begin with. Breathe out while you're squeezing. Put a hand on your stomach to make sure that it is relaxed. Rest for some seconds before repeating the contraction. Repeat 15-20 times. This exercise can be done in any position you like, even standing. Try to slowly stand on your toes and contract while 'rising'. Increase the time you are squeezing as you are getting stronger. Have as a goal to be able to hold the contraction for ten seconds. Think of beginning the contraction movement gently - you should try to squeeze strongly, not violently!
. The Fast Contraction: Squeeze and release with suitable speed. Increase the intervals when you have become stronger and tighten/release as fast as you can and for as long as you have the strength. Relax and repeat twenty times.
. The Pause-Contraction: Do Fast Contractions, but with a short pause between the
squeezes, as long as you have the strength. Rest and repeat five times.
The exercises will be most effective if you use the positions described below. After a while you'll find which one that suits you the best, and with which rythm and strength you are going to exert them. Exercise in one position a day and change position the next day. Ten minutes a day is enough. You can do the exercises both when you're alone and during intercourse.
. The missionary: Lay on your back, with your legs bent and your knees apart and drawn(curled) up towards your shoulders. Squeeze as mentioned (The Basic Contraction, The Fast Contraction and The Pause Contraction). Examine if you can find a more favorable variant, for example; putting a pillow under your buttocks - it might be easier to exercise if your vagina comes up a little. Or put the soles of your feet on the bed with the knees bent, and raise/lower your lower abdomen. Squeeze on the way up.
. From behind: Stand on all fours (on your knees and hands). Try with your knees apart and together respectively. Try to lower your chest towards the bed so that your buttocks raises, or try to lay on your stomach. Find out in which position it is easiest to squeeze.
. Ride a horse: Stand on your knees with your legs apart and squeeze. Raise while
squeezing, and lower yourself when relaxing, as if you really was riding.
. Squat: Sit on your heels with your feet apart: Raise and lower your lower a
"In the mid twenties, the muscles will begin to lose their elasticity, and this will be intensified during childbirth when they are stretched to a great degree. But even you who haven't givenbirth will be wise to begin exercising if you not already do that.
If you think it's a struggle - some muscles are harder to control than others - so don't give up! You'll get a fast and inspiring result. It will please your partner too, not only because you hopefully will enjoy sex more. It is, of course, nice for your partner too if you can squeeze his sex thoroughly when you make love. Just remember to continue to exercise everyday; else the muscles will lose their vigor again. Strong stomach muscles will also help to control your lower abdomen. But think of relaxing the muscles of your stomach when exercising, so you don't use the wrong muscles. Don't forget to move your hips, that both make it easier and strengthens the contraction. If you exercise 5-10 minutes a day you'll probably notice results within a week. Vaginal exercising is nothing mystic but is about learning to know your body and to keep it in shape now onto my question: I've heard of 'Kegel-exercises' women can do and later use during intercourse to increase the pleasure for the guy. How are they done? How do you know if you're doing them the right way?'
Kegel exercises are good for both strengthening the muscles of your lower abdomen, saving you from incontinence later in life, and to make you enjoy sex more. To understand which muscles you should use, put a finger in your vagina and try to clench round the finger. Sometimes one erroneously are clenching one's buttocks. This is not quite how it should be done. You should contract a little bit further on. When you feel inside, you should be able to feel that you are squeezing; the vagina should contract. Maybe you don't feel very much if you are untrained, but you'll feel more if you exercise. You can also try to contract around the penis of your partner when you make love, this will make it even more pleasureable for you and you'll reach orgasm easier. You can do Kegel exercises whenever you want, do ten short(=one second) and ten long(=holding five to ten seconds) exercises, whenever you come to think of it.
You'll really get a better sex life when you've exercised your love muscles (and men usually appreciate that the woman squeezes his penis a little extra)!"
How to make your Kegel exercises a pleasure. Tired of hearing that you must do Kegel exercises? Bombarded with advice how to best exercise your pelvic muscles? Here's an advice that is more fun; masturbate while doing your exercises!
"-To make love with oneself, to masturbate, is an extraordinarily way to prevent loose muscles and incontinence, says a midwife.
Actually, it is not easy to make love with oneself. You must reserve time. You must be able to relax. Feel free. Dare to feel pleasure from yourself. 'Cause that's what it still is about today, 1998, to dare. To allow oneself. Unfortunately many women feel guilt and shame when it comes to feel pleasure. -To allow oneself to feel pleasure is about maturity. To feel safe in your identity as a woman, to know what you want. Many women feel maturity and safety with their sexuality first in their 30s-40s and that's when they seriously can enjoy themselves. We must get rid of all the feelings of guilt and shame. To have access to your body, to your desire and to your fantasies is the basis to the sexuality of mankind.
To enjoy our sexuality we women need the muscles of the pelvic floor. The more exercised it is, the stronger we feel orgasm and the lesser the risk that we will get incontinence. Incontinence, that you involuntarily pee when you exert yourself, is a big problem among women. Often, it is elder women and women who has given birth who is stricken, but it is not unusual that young women in their 20s must seek help.
-I recommend all women to masturbate in order to exercise the pelvic floor. It is the contractions during orgasm that exercise the muscles.
You can also try Ben Wa balls. These exercise the muscles and increase the pleasure.
Note: Masturbation is a complement to Kegel exercises, not a substitute. Unless you use your muscles *a lot* during masturbation, Kegel exercises are much more effective. But of course, to masturbate is *much* better than not doing any exercises at all, so it can be an alternative for you who have bad self-discipline and constantly neglect the Kegels. However, to get better results and for you and your partner to experience all the benefits mentioned at the top of this page, you are recommended to do Kegel exercises.
As mentioned above, you can combine masturbation and Kegel exercises. Squeezing around a dildo or Ben Wa balls is a good way to exercise.
With well-exercised vaginal muscles, the stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot will increase during intercourse. When the muscles of the pelvic floor contracts - during orgasm or by a conscious contraction - the labia will move(be pulled) too. The little hood that is created over clitoris where the labia meets, will glide back and forth over it. Direct stimulation of the clitoris, without touching it! The same phenomenon will happen, but to a lesser extent, when the penis is moved back and forth in the vagina. But the more exercised the vaginal muscles are, the greater this 'involuntary' stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot will be. Furthermore, strong muscles contains more of the capillaries that helps fill the clitoris with blood. It's when the clitoris swell and rise that it becomes more sensitive and can receive and send signals of pleasure through your body, with concentration to your lover.
"'I would like to learn Kegel exercises. How should I use them to give my lover greater pleasure? U.H.' most men appreciate an alternation between flexed and relaxed vaginal muscle." The exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the entry of the vagina are wonderful and should be done by all women. These exercises increase your lubrication and your pleasure during lovemaking. They prevent and help in cases of incontinence."
"Kegel exercises are like any other muscle exercise. Just like working your beiceps with regular exercise, you can strengthen and tighten the vaginal muscles. This exercise will increase your awareness of feeling in your genital area. It will increase blood circulation in the gentile area, restore vaginal muscle tone and increase control over your orgasm."
"The vaginal muscles just aren't used often enough to develop any strength. I gather if women try to hold any amount of weight in their vagina for a period of time they soon find themselves with sore vaginal muscles, at least until they get use to it. Women reportedly benefit from doing vaginal exercises, Kegel exercises."
"'My husband doesn't feel anything. He has told me that it feels like my vagina is lifeless. Because of this, we periodically give up sex.' I guess what you mean when saying that your vagina is lifeless is that your husband doesn't feel his penis being encompassed and that he doesn't feel any friction or contact with the vaginal walls.
This may be due to that you commonly neglect your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises is a very important training that all women should do for their whole life, at least ten times a day."
I believe strongly in Kegels and feel that sharing my knowledge will be of benefit. I have been doing 'Kegels' long before I knew that there was such a thing. My husband related a story to me about Asian women who had incredible control of their vaginal muscles. He told me about the stories of women who could smoke, extract pieces of previously inserted whole bananas and expel a single quarter at a time from an inserted stack. I was curious and with a little self exploration I realized I could contract my PC and vaginal muscles!
As a result of my new interest [vaginal strength] I began to exercise using a vibrator then eventually a dildo, contracting against them. I equated it with using resistance as in any other exercise. I have since recommended to many women the same technique except with one of the newer 'realistic' dildos or jelly dildo as they offer springy resistance. It's nearly impossible to squeeze the vaginal muscle without feeling it contract. That's why I use a dildo.
Additionally I have used a product called a kegelcisor, an acrylic wand with varying widths but I prefer using a soft dildo. As the years have gone by I have been able to use progressively smaller diameter dildos and am able to apply great pressure to my husband's finger
The very nice thing about having been diligent in exercising my vaginal muscles is that I can rhythmically contract them for extended periods of time before I get tired. Makes my husband and I both very happy!
My orgasms are much stronger now than when I was younger, longer too. I can even have a second orgasm (or prolong the first) if I squeeze my vaginal muscles as the first orgasm subsides.
My husband has a very average erection but on the narrow side however and I can feel every inch of him in me, even more so if I squeeze.
What has kept me motivated to exercise for twenty years? His pleasure and mine!"
"One of the tightest women I ever knew, had three children. She got that way by working heavily *after* having the children; trying to 'get back into shape'. Only she 'got back' into better shape than she started."
"I have taught women's health/prenatal education for 18 years, including hundreds and hundreds of hours being close and friendly with the Kegels. Both women and men are attuned to the benefits, excited about the sexual nature of the practice, and feel all around excellent for the 'next time coming'."
"Elusive sex secrets from the world's most exotic cultures unveiled! Women create a vagina with the deliciously tight penetrations of a virgin, uncovering the secrets which can give you powerful suction for mind blowing manipulation of your mate's penis! Tested and refined to an even tighter degree, your vaginal strength and control will amaze you, and anyone you choose bless with its talent. No matter your age, amount of children, your mate's penis size, or your current skill level, the female version of this book, is guaranteed to knock the socks off any man.
Though you may enjoy the feeling of 'fullness' that a large organ can bring, you can learn to feel the same with a smaller penis if you would learn to utilize fully the muscles of the vagina.
'For a long time after I had my children, I thought sexual fulfillment was a thing of the past. I didn't know if I was too large or he was too small.' 'Excitement of sexual intercourse, dulled, after the birth of children.'
Child bearing does indeed loosen the muscles of the vagina. The techniques we divulge to you will easily and quickly give you strength over what you had as a virgin, and control of the most seasoned courtesans."
"With some women, the man will experience a wonderful secret during her orgasm. Don't any of you women who know about this let the secret out.
I will not only let the secret out but tell men that women who do their Kegels can constrict their vaginal muscles like that voluntarily, at least some of the time, and that even trying to do it when it doesn't quite come up to that level is pleasurable."
It is these women [who has entered their 30s] - who are the ones that know how to do sex RIGHT! Most of the young 18 year old girls don't know the first thing about sex... They pretty much know that they're supposed to spread their legs and let a guy put his thing inside their hole. But do they know how to squeeze their internal muscles so that you feel like you're oozing in and out of a slick, tight, pulsating VISE? Do they know how to rapidly oscillate their hips so that they match or surpass the motions of your own hand when you masturbate? Usually, the answer is NO. Those things are things the experienced women know.
"Some of you may have the pleasure, as I do, of having a wife that does Kegel exercises to tighten up the vaginal muscles. Very nice feeling during intercourse."
"My girl friend plays with her muscles and she says it feels better when the fit is tight."
"My sisters and I used to test the strength of our vaginas by inserting a full douche (disposable) and then trying to hold it in while we bent over or sat on the toilet. (When I say inserting a full douche, I do not mean the water. I mean that we would insert the nozzles and then try to hold the container that was filled with water from pulling the nozzle down and out). We would fill the bottles with different amounts of water and work our muscles until we could hold a full one. This took me about 4 months. (I was 20 at the time and my older sisters were 21 and 23.)"
"With a single smooth lunge, Jill settled herself down on the man's prick, taking it completely inside. Her tight vaginal walls clutched and massaged his prick, and when Jill consciously applied pressure he groaned. His mouth closed over one erect nipple and he tongued it hungrily, making Jill moan and groan. They began moving together slowly, liquidly, staring deeply into each other's eyes as they fucked. Jill had the ability to tighten her pussy muscles to an almost unbearable level, and keep them that way for as long as she wanted. Other men that had had her, had all sworn at one time or another that she was about to rip their cocks off. Jill loved watching the men trying to concentrate, trying not to loose control as her slick, impossibly tight cunt took them for the ride of their lives. She knew she was an incredible sex partner, and took power from that."
"Patricia reached for his penis and pulled the tip toward her vagina. Randall slid his penis slowly in, and then began a slow rhythmic thrusting. Patricia had a particularly wicked grin on her face. "Don't come too soon...!" Patricia's vagina was tight, much tighter than Randall's wife. Patricia seem to read his mind; "Enjoy my tight wet vagina, yes, it's like making love with a virgin, I've never had children and I do regular vaginal exercises. Slow, thrust slowly, now stop, just stay still hon". She began to squeeze his penis with her trained vaginal muscles. "Nice? Now stay real still. I'll give you a special treat", Patricia said as she began to ripple her talented vaginal muscles. "Oh", Randall groaned, "That's good...!". Patricia smiled at him, she loved the power that she had over men and she knew that no man could endure her tight, squeezing vagina for long. She clenched and squeezed his penis with her slippery muscular vagina. "Oh, oh, oh, I'm coming.", he said.
"She had a vagina men dream of - tight, soft and juicy. She grinned at me, and began to flex her vaginal muscles. The sensation was amazing, squeezing and releasing me within her."
The first night they'd ever had sex, she'd told him he needed to respect her strength. They were wrestling, and he'd pinned her down, and called her weak. She said, "My strength lies elsewhere" with such a focused look on her face. "Oh really?" he said to her. He found out later that night. As he first slid into her he marveled at the sensation. Her warmth, her wetness and the way she managed to grip him with her amazing muscle control. It had taken everything he had not to come too early that night and she was amused to watch him fight to hold his load back. Alex pulled out and then thrust into her again. Danni let out a loud gasp of pleasure, and arched her back, rising up on her elbows. He pulled back, and thrust in hard again. Danni felt herself tighten against him immediately with his second thrust, and his third, and fourth, and fifth, and sixth, and seventh. Alex grunted as he pushed into her - she'd gotten incredibly tight, and it was taking a lot of concentration to stay in her - she'd squeeze him out otherwise, and he certainly wanted to stay in there. She was really gripping him tightly."
"Slowly, she guided me into her, so slow that I was afraid I would come before I even had started. Then, with a violent thrust, she slid down on me and I was suddenly deep within her. "I can't wait", I groaned. "I can't, I'm sorry, but...". "You can", she said and kissed me. "You can wait. Do you feel something?" As she kissed me again I felt her vagina clench about my penis, very hard but only for a moment. Afterwards I panted. I had never before felt such pleasure. She clenched again, even harder, and I was close to scream for joy or pain. As she kissed me she repeated her trick over and over again. As I looked at her naked breasts I knew that only she had given me pleasure as never before by squeezing my penis." -
"As for her vaginal control, well, it was the best that I've ever experienced. Period. There were basically two things that she was doing. One was that she was clamping and unclamping her entire vagina around my thingie. There was some of the usual up-and-down, in-and-out kinds of motions, but most of it was Sierra just squeezing and relaxing around my penis. This is something that only a very few other ladies have been able to do, and then only for brief moments.

The second thing that she was doing with it was swishing my penis around inside her, kind of rolling it around in a circular motion that I find highly pleasurable. Again, very few women are able to do this, much less do it as long as Sierra was able to. She just kept on clamping and swishing, swishing and clamping. It was a wonderful experience, and Sierra was going at it nice and slow, exactly the way I like it, and she didn't seem to be tiring out any. However, she suddenly stopped and sat still with some rapid vaginal spasms, short rapid breaths, and stared with unfocused eyes at a spot just above my head. Then she took my left hand and placed it between her breasts over her heart, and I could feel her rapid pulse. "I just had an orgasm", Sierra said.
This time it was doggie style, with me standing upright on the floor and Sierra crouched down low on the bed with her ass up high in front of me. She never seemed to tire of this, and it seemed to afford her exceptional control, because it was exceptional control that she performed. She was moving that delicate little ring along the shaft of my penis, producing most exquisite pleasure. It is remarkable the amount of control she has over her vagina, gnawing away at my penis. For much of this part of our session, I was just standing there, doing little in the way of thrusting on my part. Sierra was doing all the work.
Sierra was absolutely wonderful. She has a perfect body, a nice personality, we were in my favorite position, and she has superior control of her vaginal muscles.
When she exerted her strength I felt that it wasn't possible for me to extract myself. She was like a pleasurable vice-clamp on my dick that opened and closed. We switched to doggy style so I could look at that wonderful ass, and her vagina was still grabbing me. Oh my god, it was awesome. When I came, she really put the pressure on. I swear, my toes were curling. Damn, she's good."

- Response by dambreaker, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Retired

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You sneak into her bathroom and look in the tampon box. If there's a pencil sharpener in there, that's a sign.

- Response by stillagoodguy1, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, Political / Government

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In my experience yes. I am with a woman who is relatively loose compared to another I was with who was pretty tight. Women vary. Certain ethnicities are larger in general and some are smaller. All women are different, just like men. The woman I am with right now says I satisfy her and that I am plenty in terms of size. The tighter woman I was with was overwhelmed by me. It has nothing to do with me, it has to do with their size. Now, men's size can affect things for a woman no doubt. I am just saying that for me there was a huge difference between the two women. They are/were both GREAT. I have better sex with the one I am with now who is larger. It affected me by making different positions pleasurable. I did all the same positions with each but with the larger one some postitions are better than others and some of the "just ok" positions with her were great with the smaller woman. To be more graphic, it is cool to be able to plunge all the way into a woman and get real deep. With the smaller woman it was always just part way in and going deep was more difficult and even uncomfortable for her.

- Response by An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45, Sacramento, Other Profession

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not by looking at her. but if I'm inside her or getting inside of her I can tell and yes it makes a difference.
For me a tight snatch means I'm going to come quicker.

- Response by proteus, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 46-55, Pittsburgh, Who Cares?

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I met a girl once that was so small that intercourse just wasn't possible. We tried and it was very painful for both of us.

- Response by 1jealousguy, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, London, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Of course I can tell, and it's hard not to cum when all that warmth is hugging you so tightly.

- Response by wudaddy, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 36-45, Dallas, Law Enforcement

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Of course you can tell if it is tight. As long as it is lubricated well, ie her own wetness, then it should not be a problem.

- Response by imgr8phil, A Life of the Party, Male, 46-55, Other Profession

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absolutely, and of course it affects me

- Response by A Life of the Party, Male, 29-35, Who Cares?

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Yes. My last sweetheart hadn't had sex in a while (neither had I), plus she was a little tense. I couldn't get inside at all and spooged on her sofa instead. She also knows how to do Kegel exercises, yay!
One lady friend was the opposite-- very slim build, no visible evidence of having three kids. Sex with her was like a wet sleeping bag. I still adored her.

- Response by chesterdad, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 66 or older, San Francisco

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- Response by czechgurl, A Hippie Chick, Female, 22-25, Prague, Student

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A girl's vagina is loosened after two or three intercourses. It may be painful in the first or second fucking.

- Response by A Guy Critical, Male, Who Cares?, Chicago, Who Cares?

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you can try myotaut for make vagina tight naturally.

- Response by lindamruiz45, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Innsbruck

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