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Do men lie about their feelings?
Dating / 1:44 AM - Saturday October 30, 2010

do men lie about their feelings?

i started dating a good friend of mine about 2 months ago. we had been friends for about a year before this. we have told each other that we are in love already (which i really feel) and he tells me that he does and that i'm amazing and such all the time.
well i was looking though my files on my computer and i saw some chat logs and i saw that he had been talking to one of his friends and they were talking about our relationship ( i know im horrible for snooping but i couldnt help myself).
well when she asked how the relationship was going he said okayish and that we didn't have enough sex. and when she said why dont you break up with her then he said he didnt want to be alone.
i dont want to be in a relationship just to not be alone. why would he tell me he loves me and then turn around and tell his friend that it was just meh ok?
i also think that we have plenty of sex. he is at my place like 5 out of 7 days and we have sex mostly all the days. he basically wants to do it 3 times a day and thats way too much for me. i feel bad about rejecting him but i dont want to have sex just to shut him up either.

- Asked by pepperann, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 26-28, Montreal, Who Cares?

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Well evidently your boyfriend has. Do not turn over stones unless you are looking for dirt.

On the plus side, at least you know the truth. This is something you need to broach with him.

I am going to consult my magic 8 ball on this: He sees you as a convenient peice of ass and he does not want to mess that up.

- Response by A Sportif, Female, 36-45, Military

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GOd,s number one rule,,
Go ye forth And multiply,
And all men rigorousy apply this rule,
No Ifs nor Buts,

- Response by duggers, A Guy Critical, Male, 66 or older

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Yeah, you are horrible for snooping, even though it was your computer as you say.

I don't know WHAT THE HELL you women think that you're going to accomplish by doing this time and time again. You just can't control you bottomless insecurities at all! Even when you find something out that you don't like.. HOW do you think that's going to IMPROVE or HELP the relationship??

For those women who think they're justified by going through a man's personal computers, phones, wallets or such, how do you think he's going to react when he knows that you go through his things as nearly ALL women do because you have no trust at all and think that you're justified in your snooping. You think he's just going to think "wow, this will really improve out relationship now that I know you can't be trusted, go through my personal things, have NO respect for me and my privacy, etc"

While you women might love to share everything with your friends, MEN are Notoriously PRIVATE and consider it a a HUGE breach of respect and trust to go through his shit!

Why do you think men DON'T Share every feeling, thought, mood, emotion and opinion 300 times a day with all their friends the way that women do..??? Because we don't WANT anyone to know about them.

Why do you think guys don't spend hours on the phone asking "What are you thinking", "tell me you're feeling"?? Because men know that it's a HUGE act of disrespect to try and manipulate a guy into revealing what he's thinking or feeling. IF a man wants you to know that, then HE WILL TELL YOU..if he doesn't, then don't go there!

So it's even worse when you go through his things to seek out dirt on him because you don't think you can trust him or want to know more!

There can be several reasons why he told her that, from simply not WANTING to share his real feelings with another woman because he knows that most women are like freaking CNN and start telling shit to the world. Men are private and we don't WANT others to know our real feelings, other than the girl that we have those feelings for in general.

I know that the times I've been in love I didn't tell any of my friends. If I did it was just in a general way, and those were my guy friends. If it was a girl I wouldn't say anything at all otherwise they make a huuuge deal about it, start making fun and telling everyone in the world.

Men are honest about how they feel with a woman. That doesn't mean that many guys have said "I love you" just to get a girl in bed, but it also doesn't mean that just because you're not having sex as much as he wants that it invalidates what he said about how he feels about you.

Men and women often have different views on what is considered a lot of sex, which is obviously the case in your situation here too.

It sounds like this other girl is jealous, hence her instant advice to just break up with you. She's probably thinking "you can do ME 3 times a day if you want". He could have simply said the line about not wanting to be alone because he didn't want her to know how he feels about you, especially if he knows that this girl could have feelings for him too.

- Response by richsifu, A Rebel, Male, 46-55, Science / Engineering

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like some women guys do.
sometimes the truth is better. i think i can understand
you have a right to say no and if he cannot understand..he has to deal with it

- Response by mobysdick, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 46-55, Who Cares?

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