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My boyfriend's mother is driving me CRAZY!!!
Dating / 1:34 AM - Thursday October 21, 2010

My boyfriend's mother is driving me CRAZY!!!

I have been dating my bf for about a year now, and I love him very much. We get along great. His mother, however, is driving me nuts. I am what I suppose most people would call a goth. My bf isn't, and apparently, his mom has a big issue with the way I dress. I have never done ANYTHING to this woman! I have never been rude to her in any way. Even when she makes snooty little comments about my appearance, I always bite my tongue. I do NOT dress like a slut. I am NOT a "devil worshipper." I am NOT evil, or depressed, or angry at the world, or any of those stereotypes. I am, for the most part, a very happy person. I just happen to like goth music, vampires, Tim Burton films, and black clothes and nail polish! Is that a crime? I can't help it if I have a twisted sense of humor, or that I would rather watch a horror movie than a romantic comedy! She never comes right out and insults me, but she will say something like, "Is that a bat on your ring?" And when I say yes, she just gets this snooty look on her face and says "Oh." And I overheard her ask my boyfriend when he thought I would grow out of "this phase." Its not a phase. This is who I am. I've always been this way. My bf just tells me to ignore her, and says she doesn't mean anything by it, she just doesn't understand why I dress the way I do. Needless to say, with this being October, the Halloween jokes have begun. I really, really don't want to blow up at her. I love my boyfriend, and I don't want his mother to end up hating me, but I want her to STOP making fun of me! I'm used to getting odd looks and being pointed at occasionally by strangers, and I don't care. But this is the mother of the man I love, and possibly my future mother in law, and whether she realizes it or not, she hurts my feelings and makes me mad when she says things like this. Should I call her out on it? Should I get my bf to talk to her?

- Asked by Female, 22-25

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