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Took my key off my bf's car key ring..he's pissed and says I had no right without his knowledge
Dating / 10:38 PM - Wednesday September 29, 2010

Took my key off my bf's car key ring..he's pissed and says I had no right without his knowledge

If my bf puts my tractor key on his key ring with his car keys and says to me he will mow from now on, I can just worry about the house and flowers and I tell him no..I want to be able to use my tractor, being it is also my house he lives with me, I want to use it sometimes to mulch leaves and cut the grass like I am used to having it cut that he doesn't do. I have 2 acres of grass plus I also do find it relaxing to cut grass too...

I decided I would mow even though I know he is very much not wanting me to touch my tractor. I took MY tractor key off his key ring and didn't tell him and put it in the kitchen so it was available to both of us. I mulched the leaves and he blew a fit saying it was his key chain and I should have told him I was touching it and taking the key off it.

My position is he touches my keys all the time, drives my vehicle all the time and this was MY tractor key for MY tractor and why should I have to ask his permission to take it off his key ring, not like I took anything of his and he has my keys on him all the time. Now he says I will never find his keys again, I have no business going in his truck every..mind you he goes in my car all the time.

He says it is like going into my purse and taking something. I told him no it is not and second you do go into my purse and I don't care..especially if you were going in there for something that was yours..

Does he have a right to be pissed off at me over this.

- Asked by Female, 36-45

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No, he doesn't have a right to be pissed off, you do. Controlling people like that scare me off fast. I would suggest you get another tractor key since they are easy to replace, but I think you have much bigger issues than that on your hands.

- Response by abitspoiled, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Who Cares?

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He has a right to be pissed if he's seven years old or less. But then he shouldn't be driving your tractor.

- Response by regnadkcin, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Boston, Artist / Musician / Writer

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For how many years are you going to continue posting this question?

- Response by randyl, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Technical

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Almost sounds like there's a secret attached to that tractor, otherwise his double standard doesn't make any sense at all. There's no harm in making a second key, if that would make him happier. The only way he would have a right to be upset is if the keys were in a private drawer. If they were left out, no way, especially since it is your usual habit to use each other's stuff.

- Response by maryea, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Retired

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Everytime you post this question..I get a laugh out of it..My X husband used to hide his John Deere Key..I would find it and move to another spot just to piss him off..Lol! thank you for posting once again..that tractor was his Life..Smile!

- Response by cjs1991, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Teaching

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this doesn't make sense, are you telling us everything there is need to know ?

- Response by A Guy Critical, Male, 46-55

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