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If your ex contacts you after a break up, how do you take it?
Dating / 2:12 PM - Wednesday September 29, 2010

If your ex contacts you after a break up, how do you take it?

My bf broke up with me a little over two weeks ago. I agree with his decision because we were not getting along and needed to part ways. It's been difficult because we still love each other but know we're not able to be together right now. There has been no contact but out of the blue yesterday he texts me asking some ridiculous question (if I blocked a craigs list ad he had up) and I told him no way and I would not be interfering in his life in any way. A few minutes later, he texts to ask about my dad (who has cancer) and wants me to tell him hello and give him his best, etc. I say ok I will and leave it at that. Now the problem is, knowing him, I wonder if he has ulterior motives by contacting me. Would you think this, or just assume it was nothing?

- Asked by Female, 36-45

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I agree with all you comments so far, he misses you. Now its up to you if you want him back, think of the reason why you both wanted space and if you do take him back, make sure he's sincere and showing efforts. No sex until he shows sincerely and lots of efforts....Trust me...If not, it will feel the same prior to breakup. Trust your intuition, it will never fail your emotions. Keeping him on his toes will actually make him work hard for what he want and hopefully sincere this time. Good luck and be strong.

- Response by elbesims, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45

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they always come back after a week or 2. they start to miss you and make up some sill excuse to contact you. to ask for some unimportant thing back, or hows your family, or whatever they can come up with to speak to you again. they miss the companionship and the sex. you will end up meeting up, have sex and then they dont want to get back together after all. 99% of the time they want sex. 1% of the time it will actually work out. if you have no interest in having sex or getting back together ..ignore him

- Response by soseductive84, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Managerial

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The thing is that you love each other although you argue to much ..the space may give you two time to figure out why the argueing..meanwhile he is being the caring person he probably is the rest of time by inquiring of your Father. ;.]

- Response by cjs1991, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Teaching

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