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I had hair bumps(no std)and chafing can I make my vagina look prettier???
Style & Beauty / 7:09 PM - Monday September 27, 2010

I had hair bumps(no std)and chafing can I make my vagina look prettier???

I used to shave down there I stopped because of the gross hair bumps I would get,I just been having alot of probs down there from the shaving,tight undies and all that.Everything is getting better but I just want it to look better because I been talking to this new guy and he said that he would love to go down on me when we start having sex.I sooo want that!;)But the way it looks right now I mean its not bad I been tested and all that so again I never had an std.I just want it to look irresitible and feel more comfortable with my self down there.I dated a guy that just made me feel so self concsious about everything esp my vagina and I just became obsessed with my hygeine down there that I even used alcohol at 1 point down there.Im really big on home remedies and pampering myself I mean we pamper our hair,nails,bodies why not pamper your vagina?Lol Im just saying...does anybody have a daily routine bsides trimming or waxing?How can I make it look,feel,smell fresher and if I wanted a guy to go down on me how can I make it taste good are there any foods to eat like fruits???Any advice?

- Asked by Female, 22-25

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