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My wife is fat and I am no longer attracted to her.
Married Life / 4:52 PM - Monday August 02, 2010

My wife is fat and I am no longer attracted to her.

You can start by calling me a stupid jerk or whatever but I am really looking for help here.
My wife has gained weight every year since we got married . I do love here and don't want to divorce but we haven't had sex in over 2 years .
I am just not physically attracted to here - I can't force my self to be !
I tried to encourage her to loose weight . She tried may diets but every time she lost some weight she gained double back . She now says she "likes food" and she doesn't thing she should change or limit her food just because "I don't like it" .
I relay tried encouraging her , making salads for her , try not to mention it , register her to a good Jim , swimming pool , bought a workout machine for our house , paid for very expensive diet plans (rush and normal ones) , asking , pleading , ... but she is frustrated she doesn't have sex and I am really not punishing her . I am just not attracted to her .
I don't have any relation outside my marriage . but it has been so long .
Pls try and give some real proactive suggestion and not stupid answers .


- Asked by moris164, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Denver

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