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I am Tired of my Wife!!!!! what should I do?
Married Life / 10:26 AM - Thursday June 03, 2010

I am Tired of my Wife!!!!! what should I do?

I Love her so much and wouldn't like this to end, we've been married for 5 years now, the first 3 were like a honeymoon, but then we went through a lot of changes in our life,
changed residency, she started to work cause she graduated from college, and got our first baby, then after that I am always second or third place, there is always just time for work and the baby, she never pays attention to me. I've been always a gentlemen, I am very into details, she always has fresh rose or flower from me and many other kind of special details that I have for her, I am always pleasing her, but for the last two years she have completely forgot about me, I've been telling her this, that I am Exhausted that she doesn't do nothing in return,
She used to be different, but now, even tough that I explain how I feel, why I feel that and How I would like to feel loved, she doesn't do nothing at all.
I have been considering to look somewhere else what I don't get from my wife, attention, sexual satisfaction and a Woman that sees in me what I am.

I even have told my wife that our marriage is falling apart, I am honest to her and I told her that many marriages dissolve for the same reasons, but the man usually just leaves and cheat, then the woman realizes what she has lost.

I think I have always been a good husband, a good man, but I feel desperate and like shit, (two years now!!!)

Update: June 03, 2010.
Wow that is a nice answer, thanks man, I will really consider getting the book, and yeah, I was about to leave her for a while two weeks ago, but she tricked me into not leaving and here I am starting the whole cycle all over again, she just gets nice when I'm at the door on the way out of our relationship, but when I come back there is just a matter of a few days for the same cycle to start all over again.

Update: June 03, 2010.
We have a nanny that even helps with the shores at the house, so its not like she has the plate super full,

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