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Do you know anyone who is almost 60 years old who looks good for their age? I do.
Diet & Health / 11:53 AM - Tuesday April 06, 2010

Do you know anyone who is almost 60 years old who looks good for their age? I do.

Yesterday, I posted a question regarding Kirstie
Alley. I stated that she unfortunately looked tired and old. I'm a fan, therefore I would hope for her to look and feel good. Many of the responders pointed out that she's almost 60 years old. What do I expect? Hell, I know several people who are over 60 years who look damn good and have never had any plastic surgery. I don't think age (almost 60) is an excuse to look bad.

Update: April 06, 2010.
My mom is 72 years old and she can put a well kept 50 year old to shame. When someone says "You are turning into your mother." I say THANK YOU! All of you deserve stars for your answers!

- Asked by birdland, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Who Cares?

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My grandmother is over 60 and she looks fabulous. she has more date request than she can handle. so, apparently one can look good at 60 plus

- Response by dreamspinner, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Chicago

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my mother and my grandmother both look very young for their age. My grandmother is in her mid eighties and she does not have a single wrinkle on her face. Here's hoping i'll take after her! She could EASILY pass for 60.

- Response by beanielou, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?

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Sometimes it's "in the genes." I do not look my age, and I COULD legitimately say I am careful of what I eat, but mostly it's "in the genes."

My mother only had small lines in her face which I swear only came from smoking. Otherwise, there would have been none. She was 55 years old when she was killed, so I do not know how she would have looked later on.

- Response by pushkins, A Thinker, Female, 66 or older, Miami, Who Cares?

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My mom's turning 61 in a couple months and she looks amazing. She absolutely doesn't look bad. She's never had any plastic surgery, she just takes really good care of herself. She walks for one hour per day in her neighborhood. She's been really good about using sunscreen and good skin care products for as long as I can remember. There's no reason to let age determine whether or not you look great. I think maybe Kirstie Alley goes through phases where she doesn't care as much. I think she may have some depression which can definitely have an effect on how she takes care of herself and whether or not she takes the time to make herself look nice (hair, makeup, clothes, etc.) She's a beautiful woman. She has lots of the same problems many of us do, she just gets to have hers displayed for the whole world to see.
I know that when I'm feeling kinda blues-y I don't care as much about how I look and I'm only 24. Anyone can look awesome at any age, just like anyone can look bad at any age.

- Response by kellikb17, A Married Girl, Female, 29-35, Student

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my mother is 70 and looks great for her age. people say she looks 50.

- Response by jackstraw, A Life of the Party, Male, 36-45, Who Cares?

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Yes, me! I simply refuse to think age, once you think you're old.. not a good thing to do! Some people acknowledge age and let themselves go, me? I'm going to get younger, its also a state of mind as well as taking care of your appearance and I have no plastic surgery!

- Response by heatherjune123, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, London, Who Cares?

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I know plenty of good looking 60 somethings.

I'm not a fan of Kirstie's -it's not like she had some big career and I don't know why folks watch her try to make one out of losing or gaining weight over and over, but anyway, the fact that she looks bad has nothing to with her Age in my opinion.

She just looks a mess because she's not taking care of herself, acts like she has ADHD (so is she ever 'resting') & just not aging well for likely genetic/hereditary reasons.

Living a life in the spotlight can take it's toll as it is. Add to it by having too much to drink, too much to eat and not enough sleep and well... you get what she is.

- Response by thottienc, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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I think Kirstie's problems are not all just weight-related. She must have gone through some difficult things in her life that caused her to gain all that weight .. that's probably what's made her look older.

- Response by mrscleaver16, A Married Girl, Female, 66 or older

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My Mom is 60 and you would never be able to tell if you saw her. She looks great!

- Response by almostsinful, A Married Girl, Female, 36-45

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I just turned 56, and I'd say I look pretty good.
It's why I can't handle dating women my age-- they look terrible.

- Response by chesterdad, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 66 or older, San Francisco

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Every morning when I look in the mirror, hon. Partly clean living, partly lucky genetics, partly being loved by a wonderful woman.

- Response by stoney07, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 66 or older, Who Cares?

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I think my mom looks good for 60. I hope I have her genes! Then again, so does my father. :)

- Response by mariposa3333, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, New York, Self-Employed

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My dad and My aunt,(dad's older sister) My dad is 65 and my aunt is 70. My dad has wrinkles around his eyes and laugh lines around his mouth and those wrinkles are not set in. My aunt her skin is flawless. Not a wrinkle. But she is over weight so fat does help you in the end. But they are both healthy and still moving around working on the farm.

- Response by womanv, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, New York, Self-Employed

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Have you seen Tina Turner lately? For 70 she look dam good.

- Response by dambreaker, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Retired

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I don't know her personally. But I know they had in our local paper that Pelosi that is 70 and I think she looks pretty decent for her age. Can only see a bit of age around her neck, but her face and stuff doesn't even look like she is 70. And her frame looks in a pretty healthy size and shape for her age.

- Response by CursedRomantic, A Thinker, Female, 26-28, Columbus, Student

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Look at the pics on my profile and you tell me. ;)

- Response by drumboi2, A Guy Critical, Male, 56-65

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I'm 60 and have people tell me all the time I look very good "for my age", lol. I guess some people think once you hit 50 or 55 that you automatically get ugly, ha.
But people my age, and older, are so much more active today than in years past. I still ride my bike every weekend (I have 3), I also hike, camp, and canoe (I have 2 of those).
Many of the people I see out riding, hiking, etc, are 45 and over, probably at least half of them. I also love swing dancing and again, many people in my age group doing that. It is also nice to see the teens and 20-somethings enjoying swing dancing and the old music. I just cannot imagine my parents doing all the things I do when they were in their 60's.

- Response by hearmenow, A Guy Critical, Male, 66 or older, Other Profession

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thanks for the complement....little lady

- Response by lionhearted32219, A Father Figure, Male, Who Cares?, Tampa, Who Cares?

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a lot look good at 60 today

- Response by bigcurt, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Pittsburgh, Self-Employed

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