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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield(PPO) cover acupuncture?
Diet & Health / 5:18 PM - Sunday March 21, 2010

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield(PPO) cover acupuncture?

I tried finding it out on my own with no luck so I was wondering if anyone had experiences with this? The place I am planning to go said it all depends on the insurance company and that they do not file claims but that they would provide me the necessary paperwork to do so. Also that although some insurances would cover certain parts of it, most wouldn't cover for herbs or other things used.

Well about a year ago I called my insurance company asking them if this certain physical therapy one of my doctors had recommended me to was covered and they said no, but then that place did file papers to them anyways and they ended up covering it. So I am confused about whether it will be covered or not. If it won't be then at this current time I just cannot possibly come up with the whole amount out of pocket so I just won't go.

Have any of you had acupuncture covered by your health insurance?

- Asked by acdc_chick4ever, A Guy Critical, Female, Who Cares?

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What is covered varies by plan and by the BCBS entity. (e.g. BCBS of Alabama offers different coverage than BSBC of Michigan) If your acupuncturist is offering to give you forms to file your own insurance, than likely they are not approved BCBS providers. If you aren't getting answers from BCBS, then you can always check with the benefits coordinator in your HR dept. There should be a plan manual they can get the information from. Hope that helps.

- Response by redtoes, A Thinker, Female, 29-35

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