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Is he stringing me along? Not interested? So why does he still text me almost every day? Grrr MEN!
Dating / 12:20 PM - Wednesday February 24, 2010

Is he stringing me along? Not interested? So why does he still text me almost every day? Grrr MEN!

About 2 months ago, a friend gave my number to this guy that I had seen only on a few different occassions and thought he was cute as heck. So the guy although not knowing who I was starting texting me. Within a couple of days we were on the road of sweetness. He used all the sweet words every girl loves to hear and this continued for about a month. He would text like on five different times throughout the day. He would be the first one I said goodmorning to and the last one I said goodnight to and he would call me every other day just to say hi. So I will admit I am insecure about myself so I made him wait before actually meeting me in person. So anyway we did meet finally face to face for about 5 minutes (due to circumstances) it wasn't a date. I was super happy when I got a positive response from him. He called me beautiful and was very loving and sweet for about 2 days after still. And then it took a 180 degree turn. He began texting like once a day, the lovey words minimized significantly and no more calls. I asked why he was being different but he never answered the question. As time progressed there would be no text whatsoever on some days only to be followed by a text the following day as if nothing was wrong, the nightly text which I miss more than anything ended completely. So whenever I would think that he's out of the picture he texts me..usually one time during the day we would share a quick hi, hows your day, send kisses and he would use the sweet words every now and then, confusing the heck outta me. I always swear I'm gonna stop answering him but I can't get myself to do it. What does his behavior mean? why the change? really WHY did he change all of a sudden? and why, if he is not interested in me does he keep texting me?

Update: February 25, 2010.
Yes yes and yes I can agree with ya'll.. very true, I am into him way more than he is into me obviously and I guess I'm just the 'old reliable' in his life. Sux to say that out loud, ha! well can't havem all I guess. But yeah well for starters I don't think he felt like the one being strung along because he, after being all lovey dovey after our first meet never even once again insinuated another meet and I took his not so subtle backing off as the dreaded 'he's just not that into you' so I wasn't pushy either. I just backed off hoping he would come around again I guess. Yeah, I know I was fooling myself. But made up my mind not to answer his texts anymore..(btw..been about 2 days with no word from Casanova) Well I hope to keep strong and no more texting Mr. Douche. Sux when you want something so bad you know you wont have so you might as well quit it.

- Asked by trace2010, A Trendsetter, Female, 29-35, Administrative

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