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Do you think giving oral sex is an act of submission?
Sex & Intimacy / 1:24 PM - Sunday January 10, 2010

Do you think giving oral sex is an act of submission?


- Asked by clip22, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, Executive

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no. it is an absolutely normal sexual act in a broadly diversified 'skill set' of bodily pleasures.

submission/domination is a mindset, not a particular act.

- Response by two469, An Alternative Girl, Female, 18-21, Seattle, Science / Engineering

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NO, You don't have to do it if you don't want to.

- Response by barbb, An Alternative Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Other Profession

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Yes,or, no: depends on the people involved and how they want to "see" it.
The participants and how their actions influence one another, can "take" sexual expression in one of many directions ... dominance, submission, reciprication, or simply pride in a job well done etc. Sometimes we don't know what will evolve in moments of "collaboration".

- Response by mirage338, A Rebel, Male, 36-45, Other Profession

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just hot love for your guy

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 26-28, Who Cares?

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It's an act of licking and sucking.

- Response by nameacarl, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, Who Cares?, Oostende, Self-Employed

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I don't see how it would be an act of submission. I rather see it as an act of giving pleasure.

- Response by rockhopper, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 29-35, Zurich, Who Cares?

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Not at all. Not unless he's talking shit like "I own you,bitch!" while you suck his cock. Then your into some dominant/submissive sickness.

- Response by gvmeurhwc, An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35

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Its an act of giving and receiving pleasure with someone you love.

Why try and make it something more? Or less?

- Response by mamom04, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 56-65, Phoenix

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yes, you ever notice that the more dominate person, the person who always gets his or her way in a relationship is the one who is always on the receiving end of oral sex and the less powerful partner has to do most of the giving in oral sex?

- Response by A Jock, Male, 46-55, Financial / Banking

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haha! Not the way I DO IT!!!!!! ;oP

- Response by ocelotspot, A Hip Hop Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Other Profession

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No, as long as you're doing it because you want to, not because you feel you "have" to. It's fun, erotic, and something that makes your partner happy. I don't consider making your partner happy an act of "submission" as long as what you're doing is voluntary and your relationship is balanced.

- Response by uniquelyme2, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Artist / Musician / Writer

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How do I love and not submit myself to thee? Let me NOT count the ways:

1. Oral sex
2. Oral sex
3. Oral sex
4. Oral sex
5. Oral sex
6. Oral sex....

Still waiting for the word "LOVE" to come out your mouth "BEFORE" your ejaculate comes out of your other end and I haven't heard the word yet and certainly haven't heard it since....

7. Oral sex
8. Oral sex
9. Oral sex
10. Oral sex....

And so on, and so on, and so on and off....

- Response by thedaimler2006, An Alternative Girl, Female, 56-65, Atlanta, Self-Employed

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Yes, ramming a cock in a womens mouth is definately disrespectful and shows the man is dominating her

- Response by A Rebel, Male, 22-25

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Not exactly but it's a way to please one's partner and to be in control as well.

- Response by hulagirl55, A Sportif, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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nope anal is

- Response by bigcurt, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Pittsburgh, Self-Employed

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I disagree; its quite the opposite.

Whoever is giving oral is in charge.

If you think about it, whenever a woman has sex with a man -- its a form of submission.

- Response by A Father Figure, Male, 46-55, Consulting

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depends on what it is your actually doing. if your involved in the 69 no its not. being a submissive myself yes when he has me on my knees in front of him, yes absolutely its a power thing and a means of him dominating me. we both are very much into the dom/sub lifestyle so.

- Response by rnkatie, An Alternative Girl, Female, 36-45, Medical / Dental

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It is if the person is forced or coerced into it. If it is given of free will the it is not.

- Response by stormbrow, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45, Ottawa, Who Cares?

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No, at least it doesn't have to be.

Of course, it COULD be a submissive thing. . .with the receiver "ordering" the giver to do things a certain way, or guiding/holding their head.

However, oral can just be one partner's way of giving the other pleasure because they WANT to.

- Response by saucywench, A Creative, Female, 36-45, Cincinnati, Other Profession

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How? Why? I give my wife oral all the time, it doesn't mean I'm submissive to her.

- Response by A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 36-45, Self-Employed

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Excuse my language, but HELL NO!!! I'm in TOTAL control at that point... and I ABSOLUTELY love it (both giving & being in control)!!!

- Response by Veronica71276, A Creative, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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It's an act of sex.

- Response by me45613, A Cool Mom, Female, 46-55, Administrative

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Didn't your mommy tell you NEVER to put things in your mouth? "Oral" is sooooooooooooooooooo GA-ROSS!!!

- Response by A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 46-55, Who Cares?

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The only act of submission is wearing a strap-on and stick it up the dude's ass.

- Response by troublemaker, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 29-35, Managerial

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