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Should a Christian be friends with a non-believer?
Race, Religion & Politics / 9:04 AM - Tuesday December 29, 2009

Should a Christian be friends with a non-believer?

I guess the question sums it up there.

- Asked by Male, 36-45

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Why not?God opened his arms to anyone.Sinners and all.Who knows maybe they will be impressed by your way of life and start to belive themselves.

- Response by frenchkiss49, A Thinker, Female, 66 or older, Tampa, Who Cares?

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The big problem with Christians is that they are Separatist that simply want to be around other people that label themselves as Christians. HOW in Gods name do they miss all of the information in the Bible in which Jesus completely and thoroughly dismissed such narrow thinking and behavior??

This is why I know many that have been Christians for many many years and haven't grown one iota in all that time because they only surround themselves with people that are like them, only do 'works' for the public attention or out of 'obligation' instead of out of the heart, they only want to deal with the "churchy" side of Christianity and on and on. This is why the Religion is so mocked... Religious people are the reason we (yes, I'm a Christian) aren't progressing in opening our hearts and arms to ALL as intended. If someone is a Non-believer, does that mean they are some horrible person unworthy of friendship? Agnostic, Atheists, Spiritualists or whatever people label themselves are just a PART of who they are and its not to exclude them. You miss a lot of opportunities by picking and choosing based only on a Religious or Non-Religious label.

You know, this kind of questioning is one that many won't even ask so I guess you get credit for asking which is indicative of someone that thinks about being a Christian instead of just labeling themselves as one and thinking that's all there is to it.

- Response by thottienc, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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Sure, why not? Jesus' friends weren't Christians (technically, they were either Jews and gentiles)... ;-)

MOST of my friends are not Christians. And most of them have gotten past the fear of "he's going to judge me" for what they say or do.

As an adult, I've never shied away from an opportunity to have or be a friend. But I think that fear - of being judged - is why non-Christians don't associate much with Christians (rather than vice versa). They think that we will judge them - whether we do or not - and just that thought bothers them.

I agree with them too. I don't do it, and I don't appreciate hearing other Christians pronounce "judgment" upon others.

Who we are and what we are is "convicting" enough. The example of our lives is far more effective than our words, and usually less destructive.

If my parents' are any example, Christians are MORE accepting of people than non-Christians. Old friends of mine, who I haven't seen in decades, still stop by to visit with my parents... They were always there for me and my friends, and apparently they still are. THAT is the example of a Christian life that I hold with me, and that I remember as I go about my day.

- Response by cd92835, A Career Man, Male, 46-55

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WWJD comes to mind

- Response by geester, A Creative, Male, 56-65, Celebrity

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A Christian shall be a friend, and not a foe, to everyone they shall meet....

- Response by richard77, A Creative, Male, Who Cares?

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better not. you might become infected with a 'different' thought, god forbid.


god forbid.

- Response by two469, An Alternative Girl, Female, 18-21, Seattle, Science / Engineering

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Why on Earth not? I'm an atheist, and many of my friends are Christian. We just talk about things other than our religious beliefs.

- Response by steff81, A Hippie Chick, Female, 29-35, Teaching

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Yes, if they can get past the "you're going to hell" lectures.

- Response by enduro, A Hip Hop Guy, Male, 66 or older

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Well they would probaly annoy the shit out of the non believer, at least this has been my experiences, I just can't get along with religious people

- Response by An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35

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I don't see why not. I am an atheist and am friends with people from lots of different religions. So long as nobody tries to convert anybody else, everything remains amicable.

- Response by tabbycat1, An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35, London, Internet / New Media

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You are not a true Christian if you have to ask a question like that.

- Response by catscratch, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Executive

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Even Jesus surrounded himself with non-believers.

Being a christian does not give you the right to judge or feel yourself to be above another but it does put you in a unique opportunity to influence by example....

- Response by destinyseeker, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, Teaching

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Yes. I guess the answer sums it up!

- Response by chessplayer, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45, Administrative

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I don't see why not, you cannot surround yourself with Christians all the time. Jesus didn't hang out with Christians. He was a role model and hung with all sorts of people, thieves and what not. How can you shine the light if you don't go outside of your comfort zone

- Response by hulagirl55, A Sportif, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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Friends, yes. no problem.

Marriage, no.

- Response by greenwind, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, Construction

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Christians are not supposed to keep themselves from the world, just not take part in it. As long as the Christian stays on track and leads the non-believer, I think that's okay.

- Response by jjmo35, A Creative, Female, 46-55

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what good would it do to save the ones who are aready saved?none..i have alot of friends who dont believe,some see the things that i have in my life like peace of mind,and i dont judge them,i dont push my believing off on them..some of them have even changed thats what its really all about..i want them to be with me in the next life i love them,they are not bad people. i dont know what has happen to them to make them feel the way they do..i just tell them this:i dont care if its tomorrow or its 20 plus years i'm still here,and FATHER is forever..we are all HIS children i'm not HIS only child..

- Response by miss10, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Home Maker

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I am Christian, and I have several Atheist friends. I don't try to convince them of anything, but I do passively hope that maybe I can lead them by example.

- Response by jophus, A Rebel, Male, 29-35, Artist / Musician / Writer

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If there is no influence, why not?

- Response by tanyany85, A Sportif, Female, 29-35, Science / Engineering

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I reckon thats perfectly normal I dont have all that many friends that are Christian compared to the ones I have that arent but one thing I've noticed is that I seem to stay friends with my Christian mates longer... but of course it is a good opportunity for you to tell him/her about God.

Hope this helped along with all the other answerssss. God Bless x

- Response by rio7luvs7me7back, A Life of the Party, Female, 26-28, Auckland, Student

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Oh, God forbid that Christians should associate with non-believers! They must be shunned - shunned at all costs, or their non-believer ways will contaminate the perfection of the Christian's way of living.

And yes, that was sarcasm.

Though I do know quite a few "Christians" who go out of their way to avoid people who do not have the same beliefs. They prefer their little "holy huddle," talking amongst themselves like some kind of exclusive club.

Apparently they don't realize that, while they're busy pretending to be holy and perfect, they're showing their asses to everyone on the outside. It's sad that some people claim to follow Jesus, while being some of the meanest, most self-righteous jerks on the planet.

- Response by saucywench, A Creative, Female, 36-45, Cincinnati, Other Profession

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Friends yes, romantic relationships no. The Bible talks about being unequally yoked. If you are in the relationship with this person in order to lead them to the Lord, great. If they are pulling you in another direction, then by all means get out of the relationship. One thing we have to do, however, is not to think of ourselves as superior to someone else because a Christian is a person with faults as well who has been saved by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. We want to love others, not look down on them, but must be careful at the same time not to become entangled in things that we know are not godly.

- Response by experience101, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Who Cares?

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I didn't know that one's personal faith had any relevance to whether or not they'd make a good friend.

- Response by seductivepisces9, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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What are they, diseased?

You need to be around things and people that are different from you

and NOT so you can act like you walk on water.

It's an opprotunity to grow and learn and see all sides of the world rather than just see from your eyes.

How on Earth and in Heaven can anyone rise if they have not taken the time to walk in someone elses shoes??

The thing I really hate about Christianity ( I am a Christian) is the most attention goes to the nuts that preach about being sooo right and point the finger and frown on everything that isn't in accordance with their faith.


- Response by TheSshhmoe, An Alternative Girl, Female, 22-25, Student

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yes they can

- Response by bigcurt, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Pittsburgh, Self-Employed

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In that I am a Christian MARRIED to a Jew, why yes.....I think they can be a lot of things to each other...... ;)

- Response by zibet58, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Teaching

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