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Family & Parenting / 11:14 AM - Saturday December 12, 2009


I am a single father due to wife's death. My daughter will be graduating 2010. She wants to attend college to be a school teacher. Does anyone have knowledge of grants,etc. due to loss of a parent? I been told that she will get plenty of help because of this. If you do know of this please briefly explain how to go about getting her into school. Can't thank you enough.

Update: December 12, 2009.
I want to thank all of you for your response. BUT..The person who wrote that she would have a better life if she would be a stay at home mom for 20 years and then consider college. I did not ask how you think she should live her life... Tyhat his her decision

- Asked by cobanlacepc, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Pittsburgh, Who Cares?

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No, she will not receive any special consideration due to the loss of her mother. Actually, the Social Security benefits she is currently receiving will be reported on her FAFSA and usually makes the student ineligible for Grant aid the first year.

Go to www dot fafsa dot ed dot gov. This is the website for applying for financial aid. You cannot apply until after January 1, 2010 and you and your daughter have completed your 2009 Federal Income Tax Returns. BUT they do have estimator programs on that website. You can input your estimated information and receive back an estimated EFC (Effective Family Contribution). SallieMae dot com is another excellent website for information.

All the related information you need is available from this same website. There are also links to apply for scholarships. She should be applying for at least ten scholarships each week. She should treat applying for scholarships like a job.

This is what I do for my career. Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way. Good luck to your daughter on her educational future.

- Response by utahmom, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Managerial

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Sorry, Not that I know of.... My daughter's father died when she was little....

It's like the "Single Mom Grant".... You hear a LOT about it, but I personally can't find it anywhere. college is EXPENSIVE... I'm going to an accredited local school and it's about $16,000 per year full time.... Good news is, it's easy to get Sallie Mae loans if you don't qualify for Pell, etc...... Maybe start a savings account while she's in college to start paying when she graduates. Don't pay on them before though, causes problems....

OH and CONGRATS on getting her raised and ready to go to college!!

- Response by nicolegillenwater, A Thinker, Female, 36-45

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I've not heard of any specific grants for students who have lost a parent but since she is considering a career in education you might want to ask about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program which started last summer. A borrower's debt will be forgiven if he or she works in a public service job full-time for 10 years. Fields include public safety, military service, social work, education, or non-profit and to qualify a borrower must make 120 payments to the Direct Loan Program during the decade.

- Response by A Married Girl, Female, 46-55, Who Cares?

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I don't know of any grants for simply losing one parent, but there might be something if she lost both of them--not saying anything. However, the way to work your situation to its best is: losing a parent, especially one you have a close relationship to, is a traumatic life changing experience--esp. if it was a recent loss. She can use that experience in her grant essays and how it's affected her, changed her, and inspired her. Perhaps her mother taught her something really valuable about life.

- Response by lioness21, A Player, Female, 29-35, Consulting

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i'm sure you can google it, and find many. plus call the school your daughter wants to attend, and ask the admissions office directly for a grant or financial assistance for childen that have lost a parent.

i'm sure she loves you very much. you've been her mom and dad, and you are still concerned with HER well being. i wish more fathers acted like you did!

- Response by pizzatroll, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 46-55, Science / Engineering

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no, but you may want her to claim to be an independant so that she gets better loans

- Response by ruffian, A Sportif, Female, 36-45

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she should go talk to the school she wants to attend. The financial aid person is who she should see. They will come up with the best possible solutions for her.

- Response by barbb, An Alternative Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Other Profession

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Contact the colleges that she is interested in. They all have a "financial aid" office that can tell you what is available at their college.

She would have a better life if she got a husband and became a SAHM for the next 20 years and then went to college after her kids are grown.

- Response by greenwind, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, Construction

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