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My daughter is a bitch. I called her and asked if I could borrow some money and she said she did not
Sex & Intimacy / 9:42 AM - Wednesday November 25, 2009

My daughter is a bitch. I called her and asked if I could borrow some money and she said she did not

have any and that she wasn't even going to be able to pay her rent next month. What a fucking bitch, I supported her for 18 years and the one time I need help she can't help me. She is the most retarded stupid 18 year old I know, sometimes I wish she would of just gotten pregnant in highschool and had to stay in my house instead of her wasting her time going to college, she obviously will never amount to anything. Damn I am pissed! Way to start my day!

Update: November 25, 2009.
All you people are fucking idiots, why don't you go an be a single father for 18 fucking years and then tell me how I should be acting. And that is such bullshit, it is up to a parent to provide for their kid? Really?! Really?! Because everybody I fucking just throws a few scraps of food at their kid and maybe clothes every few years. I went above and beyond! I made sure she was always properly fed, paid for trips, threw birthday parties for her. Don't fucking judge me when you have no idea what the fuck I went threw to raise her. I lost my house and went bankrupt just to raise her, no other parent would of done this! Other single parents got help from the other parent, or a family member or neighbor, but not me not fucking once, I did it all on my own so don't you dare tell me that my daughter should not be able to loan me money whenever I damn well choose.

- Asked by Male, 36-45

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Wow. You're a real asshole. Get a damn job. You're too grown to be asking your daughter for money.


- Response by augustbaby82, A Married Girl, Female, 29-35, New York, Financial / Banking

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I am hoping a stray bullet finds its way to your head and does your daughter a favor

- Response by methebe, A Hip Hop Guy, Male, 36-45, Milwaukee, Executive

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WTF seriously, she is having her own difficulty and you are

angry with her for trying to take care of herself.

I get that you are probably hurt because you are in need

but don't you have someone else to borrow from?

really your post makes me ill, you that cruel with your

words to her?

I hope this post is some sort of weird play

if not you might want to rethink/do some thinking of

a lot of things

- Response by morningdust, A Creative, Female, 56-65, Self-Employed

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If she is unable to have funds to pay her rent, then she is struggling too. You supported her for 18 years, because ummm that's what parents do. Hopefully she sees you for what you really are and distants herself to be a better person.

- Response by lk2mvit, A Life of the Party, Female, 36-45, Other Profession

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Are you serious? It's hard to take your post seriously and if I do then you will not like what I have to say. Maybe your just a bored A/O'er that is looking to stir up the place during a holiday? Hmmm.... I think maybe if you were making it up....... you should try harder because your reaction is "unrealistic" and were you actually this type of person you probably would have been figured out by now and hopefully you would be taking your meds. If the post IS serious, then I suggest that you seek a psychologist because your behavior screams of mental or behavior disorders that can only be addressed through a licensed practitioner and the correct dosage of "something" to level out the chemical imbalances that your brain is suffering from. I don't say that to sound harsh or accusatory. Some mental as well as behavior disorders are quite common and can't be helped without medication to stop or increase which chemical in your brain is either being over-produced or under-produced. I sincerely hope this is a fake post to just get a rise out of those who try to take "questions" as serious and give honest answers to those who are seriously in need of guidance and know no where else to look for it. If this is a real post, then I highly recommend that you seek the medical help you are in need of to regulate what your body is deficiency regulating on it's own. :)

- Response by txsewbunny101, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Student

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I assume you are a troll? No one is really that selfish and stupid right? Someone, please reaffirm my faith in mankind, that there really is no on this selfish and stupid.

- Response by falsehammer, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 29-35, Kansas City, Consulting

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Very funny. We're not stupid.

- Response by catscratch, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Executive

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maybe you shouldn't be such a bum.

- Response by boggob, A Guy Critical, Male, 29-35, Political / Government

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Has to be one of the most dumbass posts ever on here....and there have been win a prize...fool!

- Response by dane69, A Creative, Male, 46-55, Technical

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So it's all about you? She should get kicked out of her apartment to make your life easier? No wonder she moved out.
And by the way, you daughter should not have to loan you money whenever you damn well choose.

- Response by falsehammer, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 29-35, Kansas City, Consulting

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Sorry that should of said fatherhood, seeing as you are a male. The same thing applies whether you are a mother or father.

- Response by kdtxchic30, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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Your daughter is in college and your pissed off that she does not have extra money to lend you. Name me one college kid that has extra money. I was a single mother for 18 yrs so yes I know how you should act. My daughter will lend me money if I need it and she has it to spare. If she doesn't I do not go off the handle like you are doing. Your daughter does not even know if she will be able to pay her rent. Isn't that stress enough without you flying off the handle and calling her a stupid bitch because she cannot lend you money. You really need to grow up and act you age catagory!!!

- Response by MaryAnne, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Regina, Managerial

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Let me qualify for you first.... I have been and am a single dad, of 2, for 20 years so far... All by myself. College education is paid for by me as was everything else they needed. Their mom was seldom around. She never contributed squat ... except mental anguish.

It is sad that you are so bitter toward her. I would NEVER even think of saying anything as despicable about my kids, no matter what the situation. Your "friends" that "toss scraps of food and clothes" toward theirs are evidently the scourge of humanity. I treat my dogs better than they treat their kids. Even the poorest of the poor hillbillies in the "hollers" and backwoods of Appalachia have a better sense of love for family than you exhibit.

As to borrowing the money.... Did you ever stop the pity party long enough to actually think about what she said? It is very possible she really doesn't have the cash to lend you ... or probably just "give" since, with your attitude, it would most likely never get repaid. Unless she is done with school and has a career that pays her well, it is very likely she is scraping the change as many young folks do, to simply make ends meet and not end up on the street.
I would suggest to you to find a job that pays you better or take a few handyman fix-it jobs that pay under the table. In this economy, many many folks are indeed underemployed and having to think outside of their normal way of life to survive.

....... I still cant believe your rant about her. You are evidently a true black hearted douchebag and if your attitude prevails in everyday life, its a wonder you are even employed at all. May God have mercy on you.

- Response by singledad281, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Houston, Hospitality

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Okay, this is a joke, right?! It has to be cause NOBODY could be filled with so much hate and venom!

- Response by scrapper1941, A Thinker, Female, 66 or older, Retired

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I hope this is a joke, because this is Sad!
If this isn't a joke, then I have to say, you aren't much of a human being, let alone a parent.
Okay, your kid can't afford to loan you money. She's 18, not 46-55 years old like you claim to be. I really can't believe you would say she is wasting her time in college, and she won't amount to anything. Just because you are a waste of air doesn't mean she will be.
OTHER parents DID use their last dime, and lose their home to raise their kids. Too bad you aren't smart enough to know that.

- Response by roaminginsomniac, An Alternative Girl, Female, 46-55, Law Enforcement

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parents give their kids money they do not borrow from them

- Response by bigcurt, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Pittsburgh, Self-Employed

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You're a prick.

- Response by XHomophobiaxIsxGayx, A Creative, Female, 22-25, Dublin, Student

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Are you somehow related to my father? Because he was just as much as dickhead as you are, hence I completely cut off all contact with him as soon as I turned 18, and I joined the Navy. He called me names, too, and said I would be a homeless, drug addicted street person if I didn't go to college.
You sicko, emotionally abusive asshole...

- Response by STGchick, A Thinker, Female, 26-28, Military

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Umm, if she doesnt have the money how can she give it to you? Are you implying that she is lying or what?

- Response by drallig9399, A Hip Hop Guy, Male, 29-35, Dallas, Military

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And you are she.

Very funny. Not.

- Response by llafsroh, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Boston, Science / Engineering

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WOW, I didn't know motherhood included entitlement! I thought motherhood was about unconditional love. Our children are not here to support us as parents! (or at least not until we are old)

I'm sorry you have found yourself in financial despair, but if I don't see why you are so angry at your daughter for what is your problem. If she doesn't have enough money to pay her rent then why do you think she would have enough money to pay you? I think you are just upset about being broke, are stressed out because it is the holiday and your daughter just happens to be in your line of fire.

- Response by kdtxchic30, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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Men can continue to multiply while women cannot after a certain point. How do you feel about sterilization and castration? Don't want any more crappy kids you can't mooch off of right? Get Neutered i'll pay the ASPCA for you if you agree i'll lend you the money that she couldn't.

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Other Profession

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WOW. Really? She's a bitch huh? Maybe you're the bitch.

- Response by clueless37, An Alternative Girl, Female, 46-55, Celebrity

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You most definitely need anger management and therapy.

I feel sorry for your daughter.....and I pity you.

- Response by iowaczechartist, A Thinker, Female, 46-55

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We are all charged with raising our children. If you overindulged her in ways you couldn't afford to than that is on you...not her. And if you lost your home due to your own misfortune or mismanagment of available financial resources that is also on you. She isn't to blame for that although you would like to place the blame at what would have been a minor at that time. Rage does a funny thing to the distorts it.
She has obligations to honor and one of those is rent. She made a contract with a landlord....a legal contract that states what her obligations are. And she is honoring those is ways that you have not done in your own life.
She also has good boundaries...enough boundaries to recognize what is and isn't her personal responsibility. Parents are the responsibility of their children....It's the other way around in healthy families.
You didn't get help from another parent and want to blame her for that as well. She wasn't responsible for what her other parent failed to do as well.
In fact I am incredulous that she is doing so well if both her parents are this dysfunctional. Good for her!

- Response by joybird, A Creative, Female, Who Cares?, Therapist

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