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How can i sexually please my boyfriend?
Sex & Intimacy / 11:22 AM - Sunday November 01, 2009

how can i sexually please my boyfriend?

im planning on having sex with my boyfriend for the first time and i want it to be the best. can you give me some tips on how i can make it a wonderful experience for him

- Asked by ashleybby123, A Thinker, Female, 26-28, New York

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Dress up like Batman and sing show tunes.

Seriously. It will be great for him just because you have made this choice. At your age all sex is the best. Please never read Cosmo.

- Response by llafsroh, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Boston, Science / Engineering

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Oral sex to start.
Be active, dont lay there.
Make good comments about his penis.
Let him know that he's pleasing you.

Or that would be my best guess.

- Response by guy506, A Guy Critical, Male, 46-55, Houston, Other Profession

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Just let him be in control and follow his lead. Start with some oral and let nature take its course. Natural progression is better than a planned one.

- Response by trhjr1, A Guy Critical, Male, 66 or older, Retired

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wow, first times are so exciting. you can do anything you feel comfortable doing. you can dress in very sexy lingerie. i'd light candles and have the room set up very sexy with light music in the background. you might also want a bottle of wine or champaign nearby. then takes things slow. he can undress you and you can undress him (the lingerie can be underneath your clothes). and whatever you do, look him in the eye as you are going down on him and making love. its very erotic and personal.

- Response by pizzatroll, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 46-55, Science / Engineering

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Blowjobs are the answers to every man/LOL

- Response by dolphace, A Hippie Chick, Female, 46-55

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Girl just having sex with him will be enough! Seriously don't worry about it. He will probably cum in 2.0 seconds so you'll know you did a good job :)

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 26-28, Who Cares?

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Well I say dress up in something irresistible, something that won't be hard to take off. Perhaps a baby doll, those are extremely cute. Oral and foreplay a great way to start before the two of you get at it. If you want to set the mood you can add music one or two candles. If it's the first time with him then he'll probably and hopefully put in an amazing effort to pleasure you just right. The best of luck.

- Response by mel01234, A Creative, Female, 22-25, Toronto, Medical / Dental

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Forget what anyone tells you here. The only thing you need is honesty. Stop trying to figure out ways to jump through hoops to pleasure someone at this stage of the game. You are an initiate. Initiates aren't expected to know. You are below the stage of even novice. Your jobs is to be present with him and in the moment. And force yourself to be honest in communication. So if you like something...yes more....if not, no more of that please. Ask and receive with integrity that is relative to your current status.

- Response by joybird, A Creative, Female, Who Cares?, Therapist

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I totally agree with Joybird..forget the oral...and all the bells and whistles... This is your first time...all you need to do is bring you and relax...This isn't a porn video and you are competing with any previous sex partners he may have had... Just the thrill of you should be enough to carry the moment.

- Response by lady4u, A Married Girl, Female, 56-65, Cincinnati, Who Cares?

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