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Why does my female friend keep hitting me?
Sex & Intimacy / 5:56 PM - Wednesday October 28, 2009

Why does my female friend keep hitting me?

she didn't used to before but now she keeps hitting/poking/slapping me on my arms, chest and the top of my head (although it doesn't hurt) whenever I say something stupid and calls me names mainly something like stupid, she even takes my stuff like my hat and forces me to try and get it back; whenever i try to show off like if i won a game she would make sure everyone knows that she beat me at it which she did. plus she threatens me if i make fun of her i.e she would threaten to punch me in the face/ bite me in a joking way. she even goes out of her way to humiliate me as in telling everyone what her nickname for me is. i have no idea why shes suddenly changed?

- Asked by fredsister77, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 26-28, London

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She could like you and want you to alter how you respond to her although this would be a rather immature way to go about it. Your unwillingness to engage her as a woman might be bringing this immature behavior out in her.

OR she could be ridiculing, physically abusive and emotionally abusive. If she doesn't stop than personally I would jack her ass up against the wall without hurting her and tell her to knock it off. Obviously she isn't getting the message otherwise.
And don't everyone get all shocked with this answer. She just could be a bully and guess what...despite all the bullshit written about non-violence...when it comes to a bully, knocking their block off still works best. Been there, done that. But're using your strength not violence, to subdue her and to get her attention in the only way she might understand.

- Response by joybird, A Creative, Female, Who Cares?, Therapist

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I used to act that way quite often in high school. Punching the boys was a way I showed affection and it was absolutely stupid and based on my own insecurities.

In my opinion she just needs to make fun or you to make herself feel better because she doesn't feel she is good enough for you. She likes you but just wishes you'd like her back and be obvious about it so she feel secure and confident again...

- Response by sarahsoda17, A Trendsetter, Female, 26-28, Student

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It's possible that she has realized that the feelings she has for you have changed and instead of talking to you about them, she is instead choosing to show you just how much 'fun' you can have with her by her acting like one of the guys...sit her down and talk to her about how she's been acting toward you and let her know that if she continues to hit you/poke you/slap you or anything that you can no longer hang out with her because if she continues doing this, she is only making you not want to be around her...maybe by talking to her about it you will find out what's going on...:D

- Response by fastball, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45, Edmonton, Self-Employed

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this is not normal for an adult.
talk to her and see what anger she has pent up
she seems to have anger management problems

- Response by flwoodpecker, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45, Other Profession

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She thinks that you are a fool and stupid.

- Response by A Guy Critical, Male, Who Cares?, Chicago, Who Cares?

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Personally for me, I don't hang with people who act like a five year old. I do not allow any person to hit, strike or poke me for any reason. I am not friends with people who threathen and humiliate me.

Why do you?

- Response by utahmom, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Managerial

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cause she likes you and is too idiotic to just come right out and say it. so instead, she abuses you

- Response by pizzatroll, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 46-55, Science / Engineering

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lol remember in kindergarten how the boys would torment the girls they like by doing all kind of cruel things to her? well maybe it's something like that.

- Response by poeticlove08, A Thinker, Female, 22-25, Student

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Hitting on you, or hitting on you? I think your friend is flirting with you in a very juvenile way.

- Response by betterbird, A Creative, Male, 46-55, San Francisco, Administrative

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I would say that she definitely likes you and is flirting with you. So this is her way of showing it.

- Response by kaylou321, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 26-28, Administrative

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you are safe.

- Response by divadancer2, An Alternative Girl, Female, 46-55, Other Profession

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She isbegggggggggggggggin for attention by being annoying.... Like a young stop it grab her by the arms and tell her to knock it the hell off...that she is really turning you off plus pissing you off then walk away...

- Response by lady4u, A Married Girl, Female, 56-65, Cincinnati, Who Cares?

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That's her way of flirting with you!

Ok.. it's immature flirting, but it's flirting regardless.

Bang her brains out! That's what she wants..

- Response by steve67, A Rebel, Male, Who Cares?

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She likes you. Ask her out already.

- Response by piscesrising, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Boston, Internet / New Media

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Next time ask her if you need to spank her in front of everyone for her behavior? That should calm her down. Unless of course that's exactly what she wants, which is very possible. She definitely wants a rise out of you, but she is begging for your attention in an immature and inappropriate way.

- Response by abitspoiled, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Who Cares?

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