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Help! I love my boyfriend but falling for someone else? How bad could that be?
Dating / 11:34 PM - Tuesday October 06, 2009

Help! I love my boyfriend but falling for someone else? How bad could that be?

I am so confused and honesty dont know what to do but to think that i would hurt someone else feelings would make me crushed and sad. I love my boyfriend more than anybody in the world because he knew how to make me happy and knowing that life would be better if we are together forever. I am 18 years old and i never had this situation in my life until another guy came into my life. My current boyfriend is 26 years old and will be turning 27 soon. I may be young for him but i love him no matter how old he is because i felt connection with him when I'm in love with him. Unfortunately another guy came into my life, we flirt all the time, having a great time, enjoying life the way it supposed to be. The next few weeks, he told me he has feelings for me and i was surprised even though i told him that i have feelings for him too but he knew i was in relationship with my boyfriend. My current boyfriend is a soldier and often goes to Iraq and we normally chat online and talking on the phone. When i talk to him on the phone, all i wanted was to kiss him so bad but i knew he wasn't there with me and felt sad. When he came to my house, i was soo excited to see him and so happy that he was safe. Even though he lives in New York and i live in Vermont so its been pretty hard lately but i still have feelings for him. There is another guy i truly had great time for being around him but he lives in Canada. Hes wealthy, businessman, has a big heart,never been married,never had a child,hes very easy to talk to, god i love his smile and his gorgeous face.When i think of him, i felt really happy because he seems me once a while as long hes not busy. My current bf is such a great guy and theres nothing i can change for that. When i think of him, i felt something is missing but if i choose my current bf then i'm already a mother so that's a big step for me. But if i choose the wealthy guy who knows how to make me happy when i'm down then I'll feel like the luckiest girl on earth. So I need your advices and so confused! Its not fun to choose the only man i truly in love with! its soo hard! What should i do???

- Asked by Female, 22-25

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You really need to explore the word: LOVE.

It think that somewhere it has lost its meaning to you. If you felt true love, as you repeat over and over again, you would not be entertaining the thought of being with another person. The fact that YOU ARE, only confirms that your present boyfriend IT NOT the special one for you.

There will ALWAYS be something that APPEARS to be better. Maturity teaches you that all you do, when you trade one person for a BETTER MODEL, all you get is a DIFFERENT SET of faults.

Do yourself and your boyfriend a favor and set him free.

- Response by randyl, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Technical

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u guess youll see him next life time lol hard feelings

- Response by mesmerized256, A Thinker, Female, 22-25, Who Cares?

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