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Why people say never talk about religion and politics at work?
Career / 9:39 PM - Monday September 21, 2009

Why people say never talk about religion and politics at work?

Are we not supposed to share opinions in the workplace?

- Asked by A Career Woman, Female, Who Cares?

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I really don't know other than most people simply don't want to hear something that makes them uneasy. Because, people have no problem talking about everything else in the workplace. Whether it belongs there or not. What's ironic is they'll actually talk about religion and politics, when they're bashing them or someone's beliefs. But, they don't want to hear it when it questions their own.

It's really hypocritical. For example: You'll hear people say they don't want to talk about religion and politics because this isn't the place for it and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. That it's the workplace. Yet, whenever there is a scandal with a religious figure or spiritual leader, the first thing these same people do is start talking about it. The same with politics. If you don't believe the workplace is the place for such things, then you shouldn't be selective in when you want to talk about it. If you don't want to talk about it, fine. But, if others do, just don't involve yourself in the conversation. It's that simple.

- Response by thelovedovefor1, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Atlanta, Who Cares?

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clarifying what I meant It will cause WW3 right there at your workplace. People can get way bent out of shape due to disagreements over these 2 things.

- Response by markusseven77, A Jock, Male, 29-35

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I think opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one but not everybody has the desire to see or hear about it.

- Response by zhzfs5, A Cool Mom, Female, 29-35

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