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What jobs hire you fast?
Career / 2:23 PM - Wednesday September 09, 2009

What jobs hire you fast?

For example when I didn't have a job before Publix called me quickly much faster than other jobs. I got offered another job at that time. Now I'm without work again and need to know what jobs would really hire people as they are in need of help. Also prefer a full time job but part time is fine too.

- Asked by Female, 26-28

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Unfortunately the jobs that hire the fastest are usually the jobs that have the highest turnover. I live in Orlando and the jobs here that hire the quickest and are always looking for people are Telemarketers, we have a lot of vacation planning and debt consolidation companies here. Fast Food and Gas Station jobs call back quick because they always need people. You may want to try a temp service in your are and see if they can place you in a field you would consider working in. The biggest thing to realize is that right now unemployment is high so be sure to make a good impression wherever you apply. Good Luck

- Response by jaygfla, A Creative, Male, 29-35, Managerial

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Fast food or waitress jobs are pretty easy to get.

- Response by rexy67, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 46-55, Who Cares?

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Any fast food place or walmart is pretty fast in hireing.

- Response by frenchkiss49, A Thinker, Female, 66 or older, Tampa, Who Cares?

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Look for casual labor assignments through a temp agency,
some are long-term, some are "work-a-day",
but, most places send you THAT DAY for something... NOW!

- Response by geester, A Creative, Male, 56-65, Celebrity

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fast food places will sometimes hire a person on the spot when they apply

- Response by bigcurt, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Pittsburgh, Self-Employed

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