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How to gain muscle but not lose weight.
Diet & Health / 9:59 AM - Thursday September 03, 2009

How to gain muscle but not lose weight.

I would love to know the best way to tone my body without losing too muh weight. I'm already tiny naturally and have little body fat, but i would love a nice toned body and i dont think i can afford to lose too muh more weight or i'll be invisible.

Whats the best way to exercise in order to build muscle?

- Asked by megank, A Creative, Female, 29-35, Student

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Take protein shakes.

They are pure protein and have the smallest (and by smallest, I mean 0.1g) amount of sugar in them.

They tend to contain 18 of the 20 recommended amino acids which help to maintain a healthy body.

The thing is, you have to do everything in moderation. You can't exercise excessively and then starve yourself with a piece of lettuce for lunch. You need decent meals, 3 times a day.

Also, try and reduce body fat by doing cardio.

Ideally, you want to tone your body but not turn into a bodybuilder. So try doing cardio 4-5 days a week and light weights 2-3 times a week.

- Response by mantis, A Creative, Male, 18-21

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You should lift weights instead of doing aerobics. Also, there are tons of protein bars and milk shakes. Actually, GNC sells some great protein powder shakes that are ideal for muscle building.

- Response by holidaystyles, A Career Man, Male, 29-35, Philadelphia, Student

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Free weights. Do different muscle groups on alternate days. And eat lots of protein.

Muscle weighs more than fat. If you build muscle you normally gain weight even if you're overweight.

- Response by llafsroh, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Boston, Science / Engineering

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its easy to gain muscle and not lose weight. just eat protein...and work out. search the net for effective exercises that are specific to your goals.

- Response by kramer, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Who Cares?

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u have to put some weight training in to your workout..if u do that u will tone up but muscle is heavier then fat so u may gain some weight becasue of it but good weight not bad weight.

- Response by phenomenal1woman, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Chicago

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Lift weights and eat plenty of protein

- Response by newnumbersguy32, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45, Financial / Banking

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I agree with everyone who suggested lifting light weights and a
healthy diet. One more benefit of this is that it is going to help you if you keep it up as you age. The reason for help you will gain with age is that it helps keep your bones strong so you will probably lower your risk for osteoporosis... bone loss.
Doesn't sound like a big deal now, but time flies and you are
going to be so glad you are taking care of yourself with good
habits now. Lift away.

- Response by nightlark, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 56-65, Artist / Musician / Writer

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I am in the same boat as you are, I am 112 lbs and 5'3" and I have been trying for so long to gain muscle but not loose any weight and it is hard. My main focus is my chicken legs (ha-ha). I eat so much and yes tons of protein, but when I start lifting I am loosing weight, and have to stop. I was even taking weight gainer for a while and that did nothing but make me full all the time. Good luck and if you find something that works for you, please fill me in!

- Response by cmb1979, A Life of the Party, Female, 36-45, Phoenix

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