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Why is it hard to find a boyfriend?
Dating / 9:54 PM - Saturday August 01, 2009

Why is it hard to find a boyfriend?

I've been single for many years. Okay, for most of my teenage to present age of 26. I've only had one when I was 12 and stopped it 3 weeks later because I was too immature and not ready for a relationship. (Yes, I was smart for my age)

My question is this: Why is it so hard for someone like me, an overweight person, to find someone? Is it because I'm obese? I often wondered this because I've never dated and have wanted to.

I considered maybe its my personality. I know I am a plain-spoken person, but I know when not to take it past the limits. I try to be nice and sweet, helpful, and considerate of others. I'm usually not the type to bother people (Or at least I try)

I also considered body language...maybe I am sending the wrong signals? I am not a smiler by nature. Its not that I am not happy or that I'm mad, no I 'm just a serious person by nature and often find myself deep in thought and observing my surroundings. Could that be associated with it?

I even considered, perhaps, its my old-fashioned way of thinking. Raised by old-fashioned morals, I don't do what many people my age do. I even, on some levels, act older then my age and it has shown throughout my life. :|

I am so confused! What can be done to attract a guy? I need to know how because its obvious to me I am messing up somewhere! Suggestions? Thoughts? Opinions? I'll accept anything.

Thank you

- Asked by authorgirl, A Married Girl, Female, 29-35, Student

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