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What happens after a fourth date? Sorry it's long but I need other opinions.
Dating / 1:19 AM - Tuesday July 28, 2009

What happens after a fourth date? Sorry it's long but I need other opinions.

First of all i know i text him too much which I'm am working on. I met this guy at work beginning june. He asked why haven't you got my card and called. I said why haven't you given it to me. He said to ask the front desk for his card. I did but he didn't have any up there, so I waited about one to two weeks to get his card.(I was really busy). So I told him I couldn't find his card. He said they ran out and gave me one from his wallet. We went out that night for dinner and a movie(this is a friday night).He found out i was inexperience and stated that he would not be the one to ruin me. We made plans for that Sunday. I stupidly took my brother with me to play pool. He was ok with it. He was actually flattered by it. That sunday we made plans to go to the movies again but I never heard from him. I figured oh well he must have a good reason. I texted him about a week later(I had been to work one day each week for two weeks). I hadn't heard from him so I decided to text him. He sort of schedule a third meeting and the next day I still hadn't heard from him. I texted him again to make sure he didn't want to hang out still because my family was going to go hang out. I told where i would in case he wanted to go. (I didn't want him to back out so i didn't tell him my family would be there). He met up with us around 6pm and he hung out with my parents til 2am. He mentioned that he still had to watch Transformers which we were supposed to watch together. I said yes that he needed to watch it. He asked You saw it. I said no you were supposed to take me. Then he mentioned he was low on money. It wasn't really a big deal. I believe a week passed and i invited him out to dinner. He said ok. We each paid half. He said that he had decided to come because each time i invited him he would pass. He had be wanting to hang out at his place since the first date. I was uncomfortable and had declined each time. On our fourth date I said i would go and hang out. Nothing happen we watched a movie and flirted the whole night. That night he said he would take me to a fancy dinner the next time he got paid. We got paid this passed friday and i haven't heard from. Friday was the last time I texted him and I am now listening to my friends to not text him. He is always saying hi at work.I have just taken that as him being friendly. He is a really sweet and caring person. I don't want to like him like him if it's not going to anywhere and if we are just going to be friends. I don't want to expect anything since he is the first guy to ask me outcuz I know there are other fish in the sea. So my question is, has he lost interest?

- Asked by Female, 26-28

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To begin with, he was never interesting. He just let him push by you to attend some gatherings, maybe there was nothing else he had to do. Leave him alone, that's not relationship material.

- Response by fly404high, A Career Woman, Female, 56-65, Frankfurt, Other Profession

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You are right, there are more fish in the sea. Start fishing! But seriously, I don't see any thing good will come out of this date. If a guy is really interested, he would be the one who will keep texting you, calling you, making plans to be with you but it seemed like you did all that. I think he doen't deserve any of your time and effort, find someone else who will. Goodluck!

- Response by A Creative, Female, 36-45

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Girl, he wasn't interested in the first place....& stop wasting your youth and beauty on losers. WTF are you thinking?!!

- Response by mimimachell, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Self-Employed

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Ok to me I think he is interested but he is just scared! Im sure you didnt tell us the whole story because it seems like stuff is missing. Dont listen to this other morons! If he wasnt interested he wouldnt have asked you out! And thats a fact! Just give him some time and if he isnt ready its his lose not yours. You seem like a cool caring person so just relax and give it time. BUT DO NOT (I REPEAT DO NOT) LISTEN TO THIS OTHER IDIOTS. They dont know what they are talking about.

- Response by estrellarmr, A Cool Mom, Female, 22-25, Other Profession

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I started reading you story but it was too long....a bit of advice. Keep it short and get to the point....

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Medical / Dental

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