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He says that he cares about me- but what does that mean?
Friendship / 5:47 PM - Thursday June 25, 2009

He says that he cares about me- but what does that mean?

I have a male friend who I am close to and I have romantic feelings for. I have always hoped he had the same feelings for me. He never told me that he loved me or anything like that but he has told me that he cares alot about me. Other friends of mine have told me the same thing that they think he cares a lot about me.
But what does that mean? As just a friend or something more? I have never had any male friends that I have really cared about unless I was considering a relationship with them.

- Asked by Female, 36-45

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It means he cares but he is not in love with you. He would check up on you if you were ill, or pick you up if you had a flat tire but he will not marry you and he will not have babies with you. When a man loves you, you know it. Gently pull yourself away keeping minimal contact with him and create a new life with new interests and new men. You will find the one that loves you, that will cherish and adore you but this gentlemen is not going to be that one.

- Response by zyderita, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Seattle

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I'd say that he really does care a lot about you but that does not necessarily mean that he loves you. I only say this because I had dated a guy for 14 months who started out as a friend. He ended up telling me that he loved me after a couple of months. He was never in love with me and we broke up last week. He said he still loves me a lot and that he cares a lot about me, but no matter how hard he's tried he is not in love with me. Of course now the whole dynamics of everything is messed up. We have the same friends and now I could never be at anything that he is going to be at...dinners, bonfires, camping trips and such. I could never be just friends with him because I am still in love with him and I am way beyond being just a friend. Just be careful. If you're not certain of his feeling, don't jump into anything because if it doesn't work out then it could ruin what yo do have.

- Response by daisy98, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 46-55

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It means he is fond of you,but not yet sure about his feelings or if he wants you as his gf.Give it time and do not pressure him.Be yourself and make the times you spend together easy and fun,but dont act as if you really have a relationship before he is sure.

- Response by merial, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Other Profession

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I had this happen to me,what it means is,he cares for you and would probably sleep with you but will still only care for you afterward,NOT LOVE YOU,so agree to make it a hot steamy night so you don't get hooked or ruin your friendship

- Response by Female, 36-45, Home Maker

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