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Why do women play games with their vaginas?
Sex & Intimacy / 9:33 AM - Tuesday June 16, 2009

Why do women play games with their vaginas?

Ladies can you please help me figure this out, a friend of mine black [ male ] met this lsdy also black they dated for a year [ no-sex ] they hugged, kiss they then took a break because my friend realise that she didin,t have the same feelings for him as he did for her, she then starts dating another guy [ white ] and within two months they slept together she claims that she likes the guy but dont love him, thats what she also told my friend when he found out, so where did my friend went wrong?

- Asked by steady4rhyne, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Self-Employed

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you answered the question IN your question. women play games with the vagina. they know they are the gatekeepers. they control the vag therefore they control the sex. i bet she enjoyed being friends and all with your buddy. went out to a handful of movies, clubs , dinners but she didnt like him enough to throw the brother some pussy. she knew that from the moment she met him. all women know that. the next guy, she knoew she was going to fuck him from the moment she met doesn't it?

- Response by painless63, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 46-55

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Why did you feel the need to mention the color of their skin? Really, who gives a frogs fat ass. BTW, your question makes absolutely no f*cking sense.

- Response by clueless37, An Alternative Girl, Female, 46-55, Celebrity

Rating Received: all boils down to chemistry....not the color of his skin. She may have liked him but she may not have been attracted to him sexually. it happens and it happens with men also.
but u I think u are looking for she slept with him becasue he was white and different from what she had had...that also may be true. But just like men women havethe right to give their goodies to who they want to.

- Response by phenomenal1woman, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Chicago

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It just sounds like she was more attracted to the second guy than she was to the first. It happens.

But how is that playing a game?

And I don't see why you felt the need to mention race here.

- Response by piscesrising, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Boston, Internet / New Media

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your friend didn't go wrong.

it's either there or it isn't. sometimes we can't explain why we are sexually attracted to one and not the other when they both seem to have the same attributes.

I was with a guy whom i thought dearly of but the sexual connection wasn't there. then there was someone whom i didn't feel so connected to but the sexual connection was very there!

go figure! lol

- Response by joent612, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Tampa, Administrative

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