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What about stereotypes of the men of these nationalities in relationships?
Dating / 4:59 PM - Thursday June 11, 2009

What about stereotypes of the men of these nationalities in relationships?

- Asked by iamboo2, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Charlotte, Therapist

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1) Caucasian/white (USA) Religious, overweight and conservative. Kind of looks like Bill Gates.

2) Caucasian/white (Europe) Depends on the country, but maybe snotty with bad teeth and thin or unathletic with a too tight suit. Mr Bean type of guy.

3) Caucasian/white (Australia) Tanned and beer drinking outback type. Like Crocodile Dundee.

4) Arab or Muslim: Controlling and maybe abusive.

5) Asian: Macho, thin and short. Wears a suit and works 24/7.

6) African American: Big and tall. Plays basketball and eats chicken wings. Player. Likes rap.

7) Native American: Drives a truck and drinks too much. Lives in the boonies.

8) African (from Africa): I don't know.

9) Hispanic: Macho Man.

10) Other: Don't know.

- Response by silver75, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Stockholm, Other Profession

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1-10 They all want sex at the most inconvenient times.

- Response by georgiagirl404, A Creative, Female, 22-25

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They all will do the same anyway.

- Response by lifestyle, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Houston

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I'm sorry, but, you'll have to ask someone else. I don't stereotype. I was raised to never judge a book by it's cover. I am a tall, average built woman that doesn't fit the typical "mold" or "stereotype" that is expected of me. I have been judged many different ways by many different people and they have all been wrong. I have tattoos, but, I am not a "hoodlam". I ride a Harley, but, I am not a "gangster" or a "tough chick". I have a grandchild, but, don't fit the "granny" mold. I don't look old enough to have a 30 year old son, but, I do. I have a 3 year old son!
I am a crack shot and earned a marksman ribbon in the military, but, I hate guns.
Don't judge or stereotype anyone. It's a waste of time and of positive energy.

- Response by live4him, A Cool Mom, Female, 46-55, Home Maker

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