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What turns a man on most during sex that he loses control.?
Sex & Intimacy / 11:38 PM - Thursday May 28, 2009

what turns a man on most during sex that he loses control.?

during sex it`s great but you want him to feel the most pleasure?how to?

Update: June 03, 2009.
that is not turning me on much but found that if i touch the vein on back of his ? he goes crazy but if i start to touch my self at time`s it`s great but don`t do it because affair of what he would think or do thank you

Update: June 03, 2009.
i tried it befor he was no good he hurt me i `m trying to find way`s that will lesson pain.thank you

Update: June 02, 2009.
Don`t a guy lose respect to you if you do these thing`s i`m sngle & i really don`t know him at all?

Update: June 02, 2009.
Maybe never tried ! If i can bring myself to say something like that !

Update: June 02, 2009.
If i may ask what postion`s relly work the most?

- Asked by goddus, A Life of the Party, Female, 46-55, Houston, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Just take his lead and turn into his sex slave. His wish is your command.

- Response by 3wiltedroses, A Player, Female, Who Cares?, Self-Employed

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find his g spot..prostate stimulation....

- Response by sushihoney, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45, Las Vegas, Other Profession

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Anything you know he likes that you usually don't do.

for instance.
my wife doesn't dirty talk a lot, so when she does it puts me over the top.
a different position or one you don't do often.

- Response by proteus, A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 46-55, Pittsburgh, Who Cares?

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Different Positions and alot of Dirty Talk, sends me over the edge !!!!!!!!

- Response by jettbuff42, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Dallas, Transportation

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"control"....everyone i know surely has a different meaning...make my eyes sparkle?

- Response by hwyrider, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Retired

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