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What is considered tall for a girl? What is considered short?
Dating / 7:56 PM - Wednesday May 13, 2009

What is considered tall for a girl? What is considered short?

And if you're a guy...which do you prefer? Or do you care? Is height very important to you when deciding whether you think a woman is beautiful?

If you are a tall or short do you wish you were?

- Asked by Female, 36-45

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I dont really care how tall or short a woman is. what i want is a person with a good personality; beautiful heart and we are compatible.

- Response by amandasboy, A Father Figure, Male, 66 or older, Atlanta, Retired

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I'm like, 6' 2"... If she's any freakin' taller than me
she's an AMAZON & can go back to the jungle she's from.

- Response by geester, A Creative, Male, 56-65, Celebrity

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I'm not sure I really associate height with beauty in a woman. I mean, yeah, I do tend to prefer petite women, but I've known and even dated some pretty hot tall girls, too!

- Response by fyf04, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Chicago

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I'm happy with my height. I'm a tall, tall, TALL girl. About 5'9-5'10. It used to make me really self-conscious...but hell I can't change it. Besides, I have GREAT legs ;)

- Response by number22, A Life of the Party, Female, 26-28, Detroit, Self-Employed

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Well, I'd guess the average height for a woman is 5' 6", so anything one inch shorter than that is short and one inch taller than that is tall.

I'm 5' 3", and I like my height. I would have no problem being shorter, but I wouldn't want to be taller.

- Response by myndseye711, A Cool Mom, Female, 29-35

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My BF would say he didn't care. With shoes on, I'm taller than he is.

- Response by cubbiegal, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Chicago, Administrative

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I wish i was 5,9 i don't like being 5,2

- Response by carolcarr, A Thinker, Female, 26-28, Tampa

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Anything below 5'5" is too short for me beacuse I have to bend over to kiss her and my lower back starts to hurt.....(Yes, I know...I am getting old). I can't even believe that I am saying this.

- Response by maxxfighter, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Financial / Banking

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We have two "tall" girls in our family...5'9"-5'10". One is my youngest daughter, the other my daughter in law.

My daughter is about the same height as her husband when wearing heels. No biggie.

My daughter in law, is taller than my son when barefoot. He loves her in whatever she wants to wear, be it sneakers or 6 inch heels. He just thinks she's sweet and sexy...which is very nice...she's given him two kids already. :)

- Response by mamom04, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 56-65, Phoenix

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im about 5'10!
most guys r intimidated by my height... :\
but its only cuz they're jealous!

- Response by brifon16, An Alternative Girl, Female, 22-25, Los Angeles, Student

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Well I'm 4'11 considered really short but cute and I wear a size 3 shoe

- Response by onesexylady, A Creative, Female, 22-25, Administrative

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I'm 5'4" but never have really ever seen myself as "short". However, it does have an impact on how clothes fit because my legs are most of my height and then my torso is shorter than what clothes are typically made for - 5'8" would be about perfect I think.

- Response by meandmrjones, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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Well I'm 5"5 I would perfer taller or shorter I'm not tall but not short. Only time Im considered short is when you go for modeling 5"10 and up girls! So tall girls be proud. Model maybe in near future haha. But hey shorter girl there are models more our height how you think they make cars and all look bigger... Welp my boyfriend is 6"3 there is a little gap but I love talk guys and will not date If they are short. I don't wanna be taller with heels. Soo tall bf always come in handy(;

- Response by erinlizcheerleadercup26, A Life of the Party, Female, 22-25, Celebrity

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