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Herbal remedies to bring on your period and/or abort.
Diet & Health / 9:16 PM - Thursday April 30, 2009

herbal remedies to bring on your period and/or abort.

so there are a couple of remedies i've heard of.
the first one i discovered was back in about december, i was eleven days late for my period and there was little chance of my being pregnant but there was a tiny one. a teeny tiny one.
so i googled my late period and found a parsley remedy. basicly you make a tea out of parsley and it will either bring on your late period or a course of it is supposed to be abortive or something like that. so new years eve i make a tea, i drink it. i make another in the moring and drink that.
on new years day my period comes on and so i conclude yes, this works.
i chalked up my late period to stress because my mentor was moving out of town and had played a huge role in my life.

well anyway yea i figure that remedy works. at least to bring on a late period, i'm not sure about herbal aborting because i doubt i was pregnant.

now i haven't missed my period but i did have unprotected sex and due to my age and the fact that in nine months i'll have a career (if the cards fall as planned) i'm kinda nervous.
i didn't have sex during my ovulation period but i know pregnancy is still possible. my period isn't due for about another 10 days but even still.
i found another remedy of high-dosing on vitamin c. basicly you take 6grams of vitamin c in a day for like five days and that should also bring your period, except this one is for sure abortive as well. women have tried and suceeded in this method not only after their missed period but after a confirmed pregnancy(in early stages).

my question is what are the risks of these remedies? is infertility one of them??? the parsely remedy didn't really make me feel ill but i think the vitamin c may... so anyone who knows about this??

also, ladies, it's obvious that i need to get myself on some birth control. but some birth control methods are abortive rather than preventive.... which i dislike. so what are my birth control options and what would be best for me?

keep in mind i do plan on having children in the future and i would not want a hindrance to this.

- Asked by Female, 26-28

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These are all really stupid ideas, honey. You sound intelligent. So clearly if you think you're pregnant you need to
1. Wait until your period is actually LATE
2. Take a pregnancy test in the allotted period of time.
3. See your doctor or clinician if you are pregnant and do what you see fit for your life.

If you have a tubal pregnancy both of these "natural" methods you attempt could be extremely dangerous and I'm sure you also run the risk of bleeding in higher and unhealthy amounts.

Also, absolutely NO birth CONTROL is abortive. What could you possibly mean? They are CONTROL because they PREVENT. No birth control can abort, even the morning after pill is not an abortion pill. So see a gynecologist and get on something that will work for you, she will help you decide. There are pills, rings, patches, shots and IUD's and all PREVENT pregnancy. I don't know who the hell told you that there was some sort of birth control that would cause abortions.

You NEED a regular gynecologist, get one, see them 1 or 2 times a year.

- Response by sweetness04, A Trendsetter, Female, 26-28, Artist / Musician / Writer

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I really don't believe that a herbal rememedy can "make you get your period". You can delay your period due to stress, try something and relax (kind of like a placebo effect), then get your period. Not because of what you took but because of the relaxation and the hope that it would come.

I don't think overdosing on anything is a good idea - and too much vitamin c can mess with your metabolism and cause other unpleasant things.

The popular bc pills out now are not abortive whatsoever. They stop ovulation and alter your hormone levels, that's it.

Plan B is slightly abortive, but that's usually based more on the beliefs of the woman taking it. It isn't recommend as "birth control" but more of a last resort and as an alternative to abortion once pregnant.

- Response by snafu, A Career Woman, Female, 29-35, Toronto, Financial / Banking

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Keep in mind that most women get pregnant with many, many more zygotes than they bring to term. Probably dozens. These potential babies just don't implant and are flushed out through a natural process, but there *is* DNA from both parents in the zygote. *This* is the reaction that Plan-B prompts.

Personally, I really like my Nuva Ring, because I don't have to remember it. Plus I can skip my periods with it, which is actually healthier. Women used to have so many more kids in their lifetime, and missed their periods because they were pregnant. Now, women are having more periods than ever so that's why there's so much iron-deficiency anemia.

- Response by anie01, A Thinker, Female, 26-28, Teaching

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Contrary to what many people believe, anything in excess can be harmful. Yes, even vitamin C or WATER.

There have been some claims that "the shot" (Depo) can cause infertility. It is a smaller dose of a drug that is used to cause sterility in women in other countries. If you do want children in the future, I would advise avoiding this form of birth control while the jury is out. My GYN told me that 4 periods a year is the minimum you should have to keep your uterus healthy. Consult a Gyn for more information about what YOUR options are. Every person has different health risks which need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. I do not reccomend self-dosing yourself with anything. Consult an expert or you may end up sorry.

- Response by Female, 26-28, Student

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