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Which branch of the military has the best benefits? What are the pros and cons of each branch?
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 8:57 PM - Sunday April 26, 2009

Which branch of the military has the best benefits? What are the pros and cons of each branch?

- Asked by anonymouspersona, A Hippie Chick, Female, 29-35, Miami, Administrative

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ooook 1. you dont get dead very quickly, specially as a female in the military. im in the Army. it really depends on what you want to go in for and what job your going to take. the leat benefiting is the marines, you dont get to really choose your job, the pay is less, and you get screwed over alot.
the army and the air force provide the best benefits personally, you get higher pay, your food adn housing is paid for, you get clothing allowances, leave time that the other 2 dont provide as much, and a semi say in where you are stationed.
when it comes to family, the army takes care of you better then any other branch.
the air force is safer when it comes to deployments, unless you join the reserves in the army, or national guard. national guard is nice, you go to basic ((boot camp)) school, then home and you go home, then you go check in at the closest base too you once a month, but national guard gets deployed before reserves.
if your trying to get schooling as well, again, i would say army. your school is fully payed for in and when your out of the military. and when your in you can go if you drop a college packet, so your getting paid to go to school as well as having it paid for. theres a lot of benefits in the army. i freaking lvoe it. and im stationed in germany, so its nice to travel.
my suggestion? go talk to an Army recruitor AND air force recruitor AND let them both know you are talking to them both, when they know you are talking to a different bracnh they offer you a hell of a lot more when you enlist.
also, when they tell you things, ask someone in the service if its true or not, sometimes they stretch it, your more then welcome to message me after you talk to them
but its a great opportunity, and you can enlist antwehre between one year and 8. if you do one and you love it, re-enlist and get a damn good bonus.

good luck
and think it through

- Response by angeleyes889, An Alternative Girl, Female, 26-28, Los Angeles, Military

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The cons are you can get very dead, very quickly.

- Response by A Creative, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?

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The air force is definitely the best; one of my friends dated a guy in the air force and he and his crew pretty much just flew around the U.S. and stayed in nice hotels :D

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 26-28

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